Digital Marketing Trends Dominating This Year

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It’s becoming clear to nearly everybody that we’re in a period of profound change. In 2005 there was no Facebook, no smartphones, and no personal DNA kits. In 2016, we’ve got all of that – and then some.

Of course, it’s in the digital space where things are changing fastest. And that means that content marketers constantly have to keep pace with the latest advances in online marketing. New opportunities are opening up all the time, thanks to ever-improving technologies. Bandwidth doubles every couple of years. Computers get twice as fast every 18 months. The cloud continues to grow exponentially, and on and on it goes.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the dominant trends in digital marketing. These are trends that it’s important for every company to take advantage of. So let’s get started.

Bigger Budgets

The internet has already become the biggest advertising platform. But it continues to consolidate its position. That means that advertising dollars that were once ploughed into TV and radio are going online.

In 2016, companies are expected to spend an extra $10 billion in online advertising over 2015. Thus, companies should be thinking right now about how they’re going to place their advertisements online.

New SEO Techniques

With the rise of AI, we are seeing a transformation in SEO. Customers are no longer going to be typing in search terms into their browsers. They’re going to be asking digital assistants, like Apple’s Viv, questions. These questions or commands will then be used to find them the content that they want.

online marketing

Thus, business leaders will want to make sure that they can be found when people search using AI. White label SEO services are already doing their bit to adjust to these new technologies. They’re using more complex pay-per-click analytics. And they’re working out ways to optimise websites based on user questions.

Virtual Reality

Earlier this year the Oculus released. Sure, it’s pricey. But first consumer VR headset for over fifteen years represents a sea-change in how we interact with computers. Rather than simply clicking around on a screen, we’ll be immersed in three-dimensional environments.

Thus, VR is a totally new user experience. And so it will be incumbent on advertisers to create meaningful marketing content in this space. What form advertising can and will take in this environment is yet to be seen. But what is clear is that this is not just hype. VR will become a real opportunity over the coming decade.

Even Greater Mobile Dominance

It’s no secret that mobile has grown, and desktop has stagnated. But it’s expected that this trend will continue throughout 2016. In fact, in 2016, mobile traffic is expected to dominate regular traffic. And as a result, companies should now primarily target the mobile advertising space. It’s here, not on desktops, that they’ll make the biggest returns on their advertising dollars.

Video Advertising

Thanks to expanding bandwidth, we’re seeing video advertising move online. And thanks to AI, video content is now returned by most search engines. Thus, video advertising online will become more effective for businesses going forward.


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