Do blogs play a mandatory role in SEO?


Presently a huge number of people run their own blogs. It’s because, it provides you with a medium through which you’ll be able to share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with those who are interested, and know about their opinion regarding all current world issues. Blogs play a significant role in SEOas it is helps you generate traffic to your website and increases your ranking.

 SEO and Blog together

4 Facts why blogs are important in SEO

Read on to know how blogs play an important role in SEO

1.   Coding:

Bloggers always maintain an excellent coding standard in their blogs. Hundreds of open sourced templates are available in blogs that maintains such coding standard. It’s very easy to download and install these templates.

2.   Use of relevant keywords:

While you’ll write necessary contents in your blogs, you’ll be able to categorize, label or tag your articles by introducing sub-topics. It’s very easy to write contents on blogs with relevant keywords. This will help you increase the rank of your website in SEO.

3.   Able to write content around relevant keywords:

It’s very easy to write contents in your blogs based on relevant keywords. Bloggers can use rich text editor with the help of which they can properly write their contents placing the key words in the introduction and can reinforce it anywhere in the rest of the content. It will also allow you to use italics tags in your headings and make it bold.

With the help of the blogs, you can thrust your website rank higher in SEO. In order to do so, you have to make sure that the blog is totally separate from your website. Apart from that your blog and website must have different IP address or may be hosted by different companies. This will help you point links back to your website and the search engines will credit these links as true inbound external links. These inbound links helps in directing potential customers to the products and services on offer. Some blogs are created into the main website and can be used to provide relevant internal links to pages within the website.

Lastly, SEO can integrate blogs and main portals together with the help of navigating links. If the recent updates in your blogs have the links in your webpage, then it will be easier for the web spiders to search it and will give your website a higher rank in SEO.

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