Do hyperlinks really work in website content?

Right hyperlink pattern

Will you agree with me if I say, content-based hyperlinks do not work these days? Initially, you may not as I suppose. But with few instances I have experienced you will start believing this gradually.

Well, before sharing my own experience as a writer, let me ask you a few questions. I will put my un-biased answers in it as well. You will get it in my next post.

Right hyperlink pattern

Here goes my questions to you:

1. Does a reader really like someone to interfere in the midst of a reading session? Especially, if they are reading about something serious, do you expect them to entertain anything that breaks concentration?

2. What if a hyperlink appears suddenly in content with almost no reason to readers? Will they click on out bound links and move away from the main page story?

3. Do all sort of anchor texts serve reader’s purpose? Do you know the right strategy to put hyperlinks in the content?

4. Does every landing page convey the right information users are looking for?

5. Do you keep a provision for readers to return back to the original post?

6. Do you think navigation is crucial to reduce bounce back rate of your website?

7. What is the purpose of writing and syndicating content? Is it only for contextual link development? Or, you want readers to get relevant help from your content.

8. What is the best way to use the power of hyperlinked-keywords for your content?

Similarly, there are more to add from my end. What is about you? I will try to come up with the answers on my next post.

If you have any concern or valid points to inform, please make a comment. I will be pleased to include you’re thoughts as well.

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