Ecommerce Advertising Strategy: How To Double PPC Sales


Most of the business owners these days prefer PPC marketing campaigns more than SEO strategies.

Why? That would be your first question.

Well, for starters, SEO strategies can be cost effective but they bring in very slow results. First you have to find out proper methods of doing SEO, then publish your articles or website and then have patience for the results to come in. This can take up a considerable amount of time.

What we have in PPC strategies is the obvious fact that it brings in fast results. By definition, PPC means “pay-per-click”.

What is this pay-per-click?

Never heard of it? Or maybe you must definitely have at some point in your marketing career.

So when you open Google, you see relevant ads coming up, don’t you? You enter something you would want to search about and then you see some relevant ads come up in your search results and then you feel the need to click on them and see what exactly does that offer.

Now, what actually happens is, Google charges a nominal fee from the advertisers for each of the clicks they get on those ads from the users. Suppose they charge about $3 for each click. You do have to pay the intended amount but this is a valuable investment because you get more in return, like about maybe $300. Of course you have to optimize your ads properly and efficiently to bring about good sales in the PPC strategies.

You might even be charged less if the search engines find out that your ads serve the needs of the customers and provide answers to their queries and more.

Obviously , like every strategy , PPC requires good planning. If you plan to double your PPC sales this month, you might as well have a look at this blog.

It involves a simple method of ranking your ads with respect to customer’s needs, to know how to optimize them accordingly and your job is done.

The Mobile

The days of searching something on the computer seems to be long gone. Nearly half of the population prefers to use a mobile device to search something.

But then it is quite unfortunate that nearly half of the business retailers don’t even half a proper website that works on mobile as well as your computer. Poorly optimized websites give rise to slow page loading, problems at checkout, which ultimately results in customer dissatisfaction. This could be bad for your company sales.

You can either take help from wordpress website design company and hire wordpress developer to solve this problem or you can do it yourself.

You can solve your problems at the checkout counter by collaborating with third party mobile optimized payment platforms like PayPal, Amazon payments and Apple pay.

But don’t be so focussed on the mobile optimization and forget about your desktop optimization all together. Optimizing your ads for the desktop is equally important. Half of the population still uses computers, remember?

Product Feed Awareness

Google shopping now constitutes the majority of the market out there. This means out of all those online ads that you see, the maximum would comprise shopping themes. And hence, if you plan to double your PPC sales this week, pay attention to all those shopping feed attributes like smartly shaping the product description and pricing, accurate pricing levels, and inventory.

Pay attention to your custom labels as well. You could segment your feed to bring double sales by adding the promotional items, profit margin and seasonality and many more.

If you see that the dominating market is that of shopping and this is happening more on mobile devices, you should know where to capitalize at this point of time.

The Page Loading Time

Slow speed in this situation is going to be your silent killer. It has been shown that the majority of the people would readily abandon your website if the page loading time is found to be more than 3 seconds.

Saving just a second of your page loading time can increase your conversion rate by up to 27%. It is better advised for you to use the 3G broadband network as your main network.

Google Text Ads

When it comes to text ads from Google, both desktops and laptops have seen a decreasing trend but then the trend for mobile phones is always increasing. This means users always tend to click on a text ad that they see on their mobiles. So work on all that mobile device optimization of your ads.

Advertisers who have a weak mobile paid search platform are always left behind. Recently even desktops and laptops have started to gain some double digit growth rates. But no growth rate is as impressive as a 45% growth rate in Google’s YOY that is Google’s year-over-year.

Clothing Takes Away Most Limelight

According to the reports by Google, the in-house queries rose by 23% in the past year in the clothing department. So if you’re putting up ads, you might as well do it for clothing. They take away the most of the ad clicks by your target audience.

Also, besides all these points, it is very important to say that the designing and SEO of the ads also have an impact. That is, you have to select a good keyword that is in trend. You have to give your users what they are looking for. There are a lot of tools on the internet that can help you in this matter like Ubersuggest.

Page loading time can be worked upon by optimizing the images. Images do take up a lot of the loading time. You can bring up this field by working on the graphics and making your page look good. And most of all, your ads.

Mobile devices are obviously better than laptops and desktops. But while working keep in mind that you also work on desktop and mobile optimization as well as mobile optimization. Mobile ad optimization is obviously the new cool.

Google shopping is the dominant field. PPC sales can be doubled in no time if you know how to optimize it carefully. When we talk about that, it is always suggested that you work on some field that is dominant in the market.

So go forward and give it your best. How about you tell us your experience in the field of doubling your PPC sales, in the comments below?

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