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The other day I was searching for a city best restaurant in Google search. I was gifted a million of search results, most of which were restaurant websites, blogs, and directory listing. The lists were pretty cool for the information I was looking for. But there were so many, I did not care about. In fact, I did not feel it necessary beyond the 1st page even.

Who cares about last bench guys?

Then what is the use of having so many websites listed in Google database, when people tend to visit at the most up to 3rd or 4th page? Moreover, those first 3 page listings will have a mix of website reference, blog posts, articles, forum discussions, press releases and news headlines. The mixing is done so brilliantly, you need not think beyond 30 results.

Where business people are lacking behind?

Suppose, you have a travel website and you want it to get public. What does this search engine results trend imply to you? Say for example, out of first 30 results 20 are direct website URLs and rest are the mixes. Where does your website stand in the list? Don’t you have excellent service portfolio? Don’t you have one of the great customer support services? Don’t you have good networks with channel partners and trip planners? You may have everything ready and in place. Yet, it is not even in first 50 SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Isn’t it too embarrassing?

You may be thoroughly confused about what to do next? If you have a service to be known by people in your country, you just can’t ignore the search engine popularity. If the authority search engine mechanism does not get your website worthy, what is the worth of investing hundreds of dollars into it every year? Is it returning you of any good?

Time is not over yet:

Well, it is time to think beyond your brick-and-mortar model. Take your time, but make sure you are not too slow in attempting the right thing.

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