Go Slow but Steady and Honest: The Old Mantra Still Works in SEO


You may have built an excellent performing site with praiseworthy content.  You may have done a lot of activities in social media and driving quality traffic to your site. You may have also tried a lot to establish authority within your domain … yet your rankings suffer.  It is painful and sheer confusing.

SEO industry

It is obvious that when you have invested a lot on user experience and delivered enough values to your site visitors, you will expect recognition in return. Unfortunately you still get outranked by garbage sites that you would have never expected and deserved.

What does this indicate? Is Google blind to all that scrap sites that are diluting the value of SEO industry?

Why it is so that in spite of doing so much your site is not in top SERPs?  One major reason for this could be the low value sites that are ranking high and beating competition.  Certain garbage websites are somehow manipulating their presence on Google and trying to rank for highly competitive keywords.

Well, this may give you a second thought, especially when you are depressed. You may think of giving up your honesty and do something out of context that those low value sites have done to reach high.  So if you have such plan in mind you should know what more you have to compensate for this?

 It is up to you to decide which way to move forward. Here is one way you can achieve good ranking within short span of time. But be ready to face the harsh reality soon.

 First, choose a domain name that does not look trustworthy or natural.

Second, focus on keyword based domain name and try to stuff it intentionally just to make it search engine-friendly.

Third, stuff your site with link-bait content.  You can easily manage low-quality from cheap copywriting services.

Fourth, you can jam pack your website with poorly written content studded with over-used keywords.

Fifth, you can hire contextual link services from any Private Blog networks such as Build My Rank, Linkvana, ALN, and High PR Society at a floor-rate cost. Just don’t mind getting pool of backlinks from unprofessional, unauthorized domains having good PR.

Well these are the ways you can save good money yet make a fool of Google’s ranking parameters.  Does it not sound juicy?

But the million dollar question is -how long?  Google has already started penalizing sites that are over-optimised and does not really cater to reader’s interest.  So the smart idea would be not to enter into any poor, low quality SEO services.   At the end of the day you don’t want your site to perish just because some people are offering it at unbelievable low cost. SEO business is still white and pure for those who know how to use it effectively.

So shed off your pains and worries and just do the right thing as you were doing. Ranking will follow you automatically.

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