“Google Buy” a boon for Ecommerce Store owners


Are you among the ones having a lot of free time on your Smartphone? Most of us will say YES. Ecommerce marketers know this fact, and yet they agree to disagree. As per data from ComScore, 60% of total retail browsing happens only through tablets or phones, while only 15% happening through the web. Herein, it is all about having a peek into the mobile behavior of an individual user. After this discussion, you surely would not fear about having your own Magento commerce store by means of Magento development.


Talking about it, let us take an example to look at things more closely. Imagine you want to buy a gift for someone, while on transit. You take out your Smartphone and start surfing ecommerce sites. After you have made your selection, compare it with other products, now you are ready to buy. Suddenly you realize that you have to punch in your credit card / debit card details in order to get going with things.

So, what do you do? You change your mind and wait to go home. After then you start your desktop or laptop for purchasing the same. This is where it makes a difference. With desktops and laptops equipped with keyboards and big screens, you tend to make purchases a lot faster than you would have done it on mobile.

So, how the ecommerce business got impacted by this? Well, while making a purchase on a big screen, you came across another product of your liking which you ended up buying. This results in an extra sale for the ecommerce business. Another consequence could be once you have taken an exit from the ecommerce site, you tend not to visit it again resulting in a loss.

Google understood this pain of making a purchase on mobile. Hence, to eradicate hurdles and for streamlining things, Google came up with Google Buy button, removing the friction of purchasing on a Smartphone. There were rumors regarding the same since months. However, on 15th July this year, Google confirmed things by announcing that Google Buy button is in the testing phase.

This particular button allows mobile searchers to make a search, and let users make a purchase directly through Google, even without pulling out a credit card from the pocket. This is due to Google storing all your credit card details making the purchase almost seamless than you can imagine. The buy button is all meant towards an increased number of mobile transactions, leading to more conversions.

This move, on one hand, have made things a lot more flexible for ecommerce sites, it can be a matter of concern regarding customer loyalty. The reason being, buyers can now directly make a purchase through SERPs resulting in a loss of returning customers. This affects the chances of a customer returning back to the site since buying can be directly done from Google now. It is ideal to tag users whenever they make a purchase from your site so that you keep a track of them.

Summing up

Google Buy button has both pros and cons for ecommerce websites. No matter how things are, we advice ecommerce marketers to take full advantage of this opportunity, and jump on to this wonderful opportunity simplifying lives of users.

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