Google Page Rank bar is not working in Mozilla these days: Is it the end of PR era?

Google Page Rank bar Not showing

Did you remember when last you have checked Google Page Rank of your site? Is it since last week, last month or you have just tried yesterday? When exactly?

Why am I saying this to Firefox users? Is it because there is another PR update from Google? Or, this time Google has something special to gift webmasters?

What is in news?  I don’t know if you have noticed it yet. But it’s worth mentioning.

PR is not visible these days in Firefox:

We are not able to visualize Page Rank of a site in Firefox. Yes, none of the Firefox addons (Example: For Mozilla I used Search Status, SEO Toolbar, WebRank Toolbar) are showing current PR of a website. It is simply showing Not Ranked and in few cases PR 0.

Google Page Rank bar Not showing

What I experienced?

I tested the Firefox addons against many sites of my knowledge that had PR 2, PR 3 even PR 4 earlier (checked a week back, also I have the records of their PR history). Now that progressing green bar has wiped out from the tool and showing blank. This is really something different out of the blue. I believe most internet users are using Firefox as  default browser. The percentage should be more than IE and Chrome users.

I am sure this has left many like you and me  in real fix. Especially SEO professionals who are supposed to send differential rates to their clients based on PR value and those link-building partners who bait for PR gain and PR loss during link exchange.

I don’t know if others like me have come across similar observations. But a good number of people around me kept on saying this for last few days. Since I am associated with SEO stuffs my friends and colleagues have figured out this much before. Of course, for non-SEO guys this may not be stunning news. For users there is no win no loss.

I also tried popular online Page Rank checker and bulk page Rank checker to know if I am sure on my point. Unfortunately these help tools are also not working.

For long hours I continued researching if there is any official news from Google about PR visibility and all. But couldn’t find any. I was also waiting for someone to raise this issue and take coverage on what exactly is happening.

Questions raised in my mind:

1. I wanted to figure out why these page rank bars are not working whereas rest other addon features in Firefox are perfectly OK.

2. Is it something modified/ regulated by Google itself or it is an error with the addon itself?

3. Could it be a browser issue? Thanks to Chrome. It does not have such addon problems for Page Rank (as per my knowledge). Page Rank Status (Chrome’s addon) is working fine at the moment.

4. How long this hide and seek game will continue? When we will be updated about new rules of Page Rank checking if any?

5. Was it intended by Google much earlier than we came to know recently? I came know that Google is going to make some definite changes in its current line of product end of this year. Is this one among them? Really, it is confusing.

6. Finally, is it denoting the end of PR era? Today Mozilla Firefox is debarred from the service. Tomorrow it can happen with Chrome also. What if none of us could see green signal in PR bar in coming days?

7. Is it a Google’s new policy to catch more Chrome users? Or, it is the first step towards avoiding PR concept ? May be Google does not like Firefox users to take the benefit PR checker. After all it is a competition to become a domain leader in Browser’s market. Google has its own product Chrome in place. Why should it give a space to Mozilla then?  Have you though in this way?

8. What will happen to webmasters who survive on PR trade? What will happen to those advertisers and media agencies who buy links after verifying PR of site? How bloggers will earn bread and butter if a chunk of Firefox users are deprived from PR business?

There are a series of questions that are yet to land up. Did you bring it to your notice yet?


Let me tell you once again – I am not sure if permanent removal of PR from Firefox Addons is confirmed news. It is a serious observation that I am sharing with people surrounding me.

I expect if you think the same I am seeing, please post a short reviews and leave me a comment. I am excited to know what others are experiencing and how they feel about this major change. If I am wrong with my observation please notify me via comments. I would love to hear you all.

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