Google Stoles PayPal’s Trade Secrets – The Real Story Behind It


It seems Google and PayPal had been fighting for decades whenever they get a chance. This time it was big.  Recently PayPal and its parent company eBay sued Big Brother GOOGLE.

The Apple of Discord

Two of former top executives of PayPal violated company privacy and shared confidential information with Google. Although there is a clear conflict of interest, Stephaine  Tilenius and Osama Bedier, the accused ones disregarded company’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)  and disclosed PayPal’s trade secrets to Google.

PayPal eBay vs Google

Merging each other was never possible:

Earlier EBay started negotiations with Google to make PayPal a payment option for mobile application buyers on Android market. But Google already had launched PayPal competitor – Google Checkout. There were few occasions for a mutual deal also on Android market. But Google never signed the deal. So, there was no way both could have united and helped each other.

Eventually, the immediate concern was whether Bedier was helping Google and transferring PayPal’s mobile payment strategy to non-PayPal system.

The duos were seen in recent Google’s wallet launch. They were at the center of a lawsuit alleging trade secret theft.

What was the story behind allegation?

Stephanie Tilenius, (former vice president of PayPal merchant services) and Osama Bedier (former vice president in charge of bringing mobile payment technology to retailers) accepted Google’s job offer.  Initially, Tilenius resigned from eBay and joined Google as head of its new commerce and payments division. Then she lured Bedier to leave PayPal and join Google.

Later on Bedier met Google Senior Vice President Jeff Huber and discussed about the opportunity at Google. Even he managed to meet top Google executive – President Larry Page. Then Bedier visited Android head Andy Rubin to discuss about Google’s strategic shift. Remember, this happened when Bedier was still with e Bay.

Finally he bagged the formal offer of employment and thought of pulling other co-workers of PayPal into Google.

How Google will respond to it?

So, it was all mind and money game.  Now the BIG question to me is – How Google would trust such people who had no corporate ethics even at this big level?  Will it be a good idea to trust on Bedier anymore?

What will happen if Bedier quits Google and rejoined some other competitor and commits the same nuisance?

As of now there is a lot of hue and cry on the news – “Google stoles PayPal’s Trade secrets”. However, in a recent statement last week, Google spokesman said that they value trade secrets and will defend themselves against these claims.

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