How to create the best presentation ever: four tips revealed


First, you have to understand your goal. After you  goal in mind, it’s time to move on to preparing a presentation. Close your PowerPoint and postpone it for a few days. You’d better concentrate on the essence of the presentation.

Remember that free Microsoft Powerpoint templates can save your time and do the job for you. You will only need to make a few clicks with the mouse. If you decide to tackle the task yourself, then here are the tips.


Tip 1: Concentrate

The first thing you need is to immerse yourself into the topic of the planned performance, boil your mind in the topic, talk with colleagues, gather information, … do anything.

Tip 2: Speak

The next important step is to start speaking on the topic of your presentation, pronounce it as individual pieces, and try to say everything that you want to convey to the audience. And the key task is not to learn how to perform, for example, doing this exercise in front of a mirror, but to put all the things that are spinning in your head in a verbal form. To build logical connections, transitions, questions and appeals to the audience. Speak!

Tip 3: Draw a structure

Now that you have a more or less formed structure of the story in your head, try fixing it on paper. I usually use simple lists or mind maps, or other schematic compositions. The usual notepad or sheet of paper, and a marker board, and just any application with the appropriate functionality, which will not distract you for additional actions, are suitable.

Tip 4: Repeat

Fixation and development are interrelated and mutually supportive processes. Often it is difficult to immediately tell the whole content of the report, or at least imagine it in the head. In this sense, fixing on paper (or another medium) is an excellent tool for the development of thought, since it allows you to visually display the key points of the story. Such reference phrases and concepts also allow you to keep the focus and not get distracted very much from the basic presentation.

To make it easier to find the answer to the question from the first paragraph of this text, here’s a little clue. If you’re not an out-and-out loafer, who just wants to exercise your tongue, thereby satisfying your physiological and mental need, then the key word for you is SHARING.

Sharing is an exchange, voluntary flow of fluids and information flows from one place to another. As a rule, the satiating motivation of the report is the fact that you need or want to share something with someone.

As an option: you need to tell something because your job duties include drawing up plans and reports. You want to tell something, something to convince somebody in something or make listeners think differently about some things.

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