How to Disavow Links On Google

Google Disavow

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to disavow links on Google. The complete procedure is explained below:

After how the Penguin update hit websites all over the world, Google, as promised has finally launched the best ever-spam tool that reduces the effects of negative SEO on your website. However, such a situation should not have been created by Google in the very first place but nonetheless, this tool has come as a relief to most of the webmasters who were losing their sleep and rankings with the constant inflow of notifications from “unnatural links”. It should not be forgotten that links can play a very crucial role in the set order of search engine results. For the webmasters, now is the time to take a breath and follow as shown to control your spam and guide your business towards real potential.

Does Your Website Need It?

Matt Cutts, Google’s top executive of web-spam, suggests that most of the times simple websites which do unassuming buying and selling transaction may not require it. The real need for this tool could be felt by websites who indulge in heavy traffic directly to their website via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tricks and content.

    1. Get onto the Disavow link page and log in with your Google email address and password.
    2. Feed in your website
    3. Now upload file that contains some of the links you desire to disavow.
    4. Format to follow as given below:

# contacted owner of on 7/1/2012 to
# asks for link removal but got no response

# Holder of detached most links but missed these

The # sign signifies comments which are generally discounted by Google. The software also facilitates removal of links from all pages on any specific website. Google’s disavowing procedure is simple and easy-to-use.

Benefits of Using the Disavow Tool

The disavow tool removes most of the variations of the way in which links can be placed to create a nuisance for your business website. It removes comments with the link in the signature space, embedded widgets and players, text advertisements, partner pages via cross-linking; removes backlinks to pornography and adult-related websites and unwanted linkage programs that could hamper the website grades. It works as a cleaning tool simplifying page rankings for your website.

Tool Alert!

However, one should be careful about the links that you are adding on the tool for Google to work on. This is because once added it is very difficult to for them to reverse the disavowing process on any. Adding may take seconds but removing it from Google’s’ database is difficult and may take some time.

The launch of Google’s Disavow tool at PubCon has been received with applauds. Webmasters the world over have started seeing the difference after a month’s time. Many of them confess that what thousands of emails to Google could not do one single tool has done it. The entire gamut of negative SEO that could be used openly to destroy another’s website ranking has been done away with, at least till another a loophole is found.

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