How To Turn Social Media Content Into Conversions & Brand Trust



To get started with it, we need to reaffirm that social media is the most important element for both the consumers & simultaneously for the Brands.

Hootsuite reported that there are over 3.5 billion active social media users globally, and most of them access it for hours daily for fulfilling their different purposes.

This has given rise to brands exploring and leveraging different opportunities & possibilities to promote their products and services, engage with audiences, and now most importantly – Sell their products.

In this blog, I have explained in detail about how brands are turning social content into commerce and how you can do that for your business.

Evolution of Social Media Content For Social Commerce

Social media platforms as a medium between consumers and brands have realized an opportunity to grow thier platform; they need to bring in elements that satisfy the needs of both consumers and brands.

Hence came the Social Commerce. You might be wondering what it is?

Social commerce is when you integrate social media content with eCommerce possibilities like buying & selling and products directly from social media content through CTA & checkout links.

For examples – Many brands on Instagram use the Shoppable Instagram feature to tag products to their posts so that interested users who like the products in the post can buy it directly from the post.

This has revolutionized the shopping experience for the consumers and how brands are generating conversions from their social media efforts.

But the question is, how do you generate brand trust along with conversions through social media content. That’s where the role of user-generated content comes in.

Social Media UGC & The Story of Brand Trust & Conversions

Social media is the hub of user-generated content, and if you encourage your audience to engage with your brand, you can generate massive amounts of user-generated content.

But why user-generated content for social commerce?

User-generated content is known to be the most authentic and trustworthy content about a brand as it is based on real experiences & reviews of authentic customers for a brand.

Even 90% of users tend to trust UGC while making their online purchase decisions & users find UGC 80% more influential than branded content.

So, when you leverage such authentic & reliable UGC such as customer shared photos & videos using your products/services for your social commerce efforts, it will help you generate brand trust along with conversions.

Now you know that social media content (especially UGC) has the potential to build brand trust & increase conversions. But the question is, how can you leverage it and what are the other benefits of it.

How To Turn Social Media Content Into Social Commerce

Now we understand that every brand might not have relevant or useful UGC for their social commerce efforts. So we have solutions that are applicable for branded content or user-generated content.

Social Commerce Platform

This is the best solution for turning social media content into brand trust & conversions.

A social commerce platform allows you to collect & curate content for one or multiple social media platforms into a single social media feed, be it from different brand social profiles or UGC around any hashtags.

You can then tag products to the collected social media posts along with pricing, details, checkout links, & buying button. It offers you the ability to tag multiple products into a single post.

Once you are done with product tagging into your social media feed, then it allows you to easily embed the feed on your website as Shoppable social media feed.

Besides these, the powerful social commerce platform offers different feed customizations, advanced content moderation, UGC rights management, fast & responsive design, in-built insightful analytics, and many more features for scalability.

Social Media Shops

As we discussed earlier, social media is evolving its functionality. To extend that, social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram offer shopping features on their platform.

Mainly Instagram, it has a popular feature called Shoppable Instagram that allows the brands to tag products to their post along with the price & redirect links so that interested social media users can buy the product in real-time.

Similarly, Facebook has a feature called Facebook shops and Pinterest’s buyable pins.

Both of these solutions are somewhat similar with major differences being the possibilities of turn UGC into shoppable content, multichannel social commerce, versatility & personalization, diversity & multiple social media content, etc. give social commerce platforms an edge over social media shops.

The Benefits of Social Commerce For Your Brand

Authenticity & Reliability

Having UGC for your social commerce strategy ensures that you display the most realistic and authentic content that builds a sense of reliability and trustworthiness among the potential customers.

UGC helps in showcasing how the products would look in real-life use instead of those branded refurbished images that are unrealistic and lead to a gap in expectations versus reality.

Audience Engagement With Brand

Having shoppable social feeds on social media or your website helps you boost audience engagement as now the users can explore products from the content itself.

This will engage them for a longer time with your brand, and more engagement is known to be correlated with more conversions possibilities. Engagement on the website will also improve your SERP ranking, impressions, and traffic.

More Conversions & Higher ROI

The ultimate goal (or benefit) that you achieve is an increase in your conversion rate and customer acquisition as with social commerce you have merged the point of inspiration (content) and point of sale (shopping).

So, you are not investing heavily in marketing for attracting, engaging, and then converting; rather, you are just doing all this through content that saves a lot of money & efforts.

Delight Shopping Experience

The shopping experience is one of the key factors that influencers the buying decisions of the consumers and you can turn this into your favor through social commerce.

Consumers’ shopping experience will become more delightful through the shorter buying journey, simple checkout, easy navigation, powerful product discovery, and instant gratification.


This was a holistic blog about social commerce that highlights how you can turn social media content into conversions, brand trust, and much more.

So, now it is time for you to get started with your social commerce strategy as many brands globally are already into this strategy, leveraging benefits & building their brand.

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