Importance of eBooks In Content Marketing

Reading an eBook

Content marketing has become a must for marketers due to its positive influence on the audience. With an effective strategy, you can raise brand awareness, attract the ideal customers, and promote customer loyalty in a cost-effective way.

When it comes to developing a content strategy, you may wonder whether you should rely more on long-form or short-form content. The ideal approach is to establish a balance between both forms as they are equally beneficial. Besides publishing short blogs and social media posts, make sure you acquire professional book writing services to prepare eBooks with a minimum of 10,000-15,000 words.

Freelance Developmental Editors can definitely help you in the process. Here the advantage is that you get the editors and writers from big publishing houses working dedicatedly for your e-books. They are well-versed with copy editing, developmental editing, and proofreading in multiple genres. Once you share the focus areas of your e-book with an editor of your choice, the rest of the things will fall in place.

Publishing eBooks gives you the opportunity to share expert, industry-related knowledge with the audience, and make them realize how your business adds value. Let’s look at the prominent benefits of eBooks in content marketing:

Lead Generation

Whether you contact potential customers via email or SMS marketing, you first need to build a contact list. Publishing informative and comprehensive eBooks can effectively help you in collecting information of people interested in your products or services. In exchange for their contact information, you can give away copies of online books for free. This strategy attracts customers like nothing else.

People get annoyed when you contact them about business offerings out of the blue. However, when they willingly share their information and download the eBook, it’s a clear indication they are interested in your products. Therefore, it would be easier to convert these leads into paying customers.

You can contact reliable freelance ghostwriters to create long-form content for supporting lead generation activities.

Add Value to Customers

Why would anyone show an interest in your brand if all you care about is push marketing? No one enjoys receiving intrusive phone calls or messages from random telemarketers. To create an effective content marketing strategy, you ought to put customers first.

Marketing is a two-way process. Focus on establishing lasting relationships and earning trust through value addition activities. For instance, you can create an electronic book with first-hand information from industry experts. Make sure you opt for a topic that people actually care about. Answering their queries in an easy and engaging way can establish goodwill and increase your credibility.

Hiring freelance ghostwriters is the right way to compile a useful book with an eye-catching title and cover page.

Build Brand Equity

Brand equity refers to the perception of customers about a brand. As a marketer, your primary concern is to increase brand awareness and elevate equity through positive brand messages.

The ideal way of achieving this goal is by incorporating eBook publishing in your content marketing strategy. Sharing exclusive and authentic information with customers is the best way to win trust. As a result, the audience starts believing in you. They praise your brand and spread positive word-of-mouth about your business. So, don’t delay anymore, and hire a professional book writing service to meet customer expectations.

Easily Distribute Content

Delivering eBooks to your potential and existing customers is no longer a challenge. The most popular way to do this is by publishing a downloadable copy of the book on your website. Once visitors provide their contact information, they can download it in no time.

But if you don’t want to go this way, consider distributing the book via Amazon Kindle, Payhip, Lulu, Scribd, and other digital platforms. If you choose to sell books via e-commerce stores, don’t forget to consider the cost charged by these websites when pricing your book.

Freelance eBook ghostwriters can guide you on the pricing strategy and creating a compelling eBook to support marketing efforts.

Quickly Repurpose Content

The key to making a content marketing plan effective is to come up with valuable content consistently. But it’s quite a task to create unique content for different platforms regularly. Repurposing content can make this task convenient.

All you need to do is take chunks of content from the published eBook and change its format to make it suitable for your target audience. For example, you can divide a long chapter into a series of short blog posts. Alternatively, you can prepare infographics for Facebook and Pinterest using the information available in the eBook.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing Strategy with eBooks!

Content marketing strategy works best when it includes different forms of content, such as written posts, audio, and visuals. eBooks are a definite component of content strategy that can spread awareness and bring in customers.

There is no need to spend months on writing, editing, designing, publishing, and promoting eBooks on your own. All you need to do is hire reputable book writing services, and they will manage these responsibilities for you.

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