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Target Marketing

Target MarketingWe have been talking about target-based online marketing over the years, but when it comes to applying them for clients, not every marketer executes it successfully. There have been a gap between what marketers think about customer acquisition and what customers think about a marketer’s approach.

It is important that both think positive about each other and meet at a favourable point of  agreement. Unless there is a two-way dialogue between buyers and sellers, it is not possible to bring in the best result out of any marketing plan.

Inbound marketing in true means can make this happen. If executed properly, this new marketing tactic can  do wonders in terms of client acquisition, retention and relationship management.

Following this presentation will  take you through the basics of Inbound Marketing, its usefulness and  finally its application. After viewing this presentation marketers will be in a better  position to measure and plan  their course of actions.

Source : Slideshare – Inbound Marketing in Practice from Sanat Singha
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