Internal linking – The key to website SEO success


You might have heard about websites collecting votes given by others, what we call creating backlink profile in SEO language. But, have you thought of voting yourself?

We all know that more the backlinks you have in your account, better the chance you get high page authority and ranking in Google. Backlinks support a website to come on top Google SERPs.

Internal linking

But collecting external links is always a daunting task. Either you have to develop a website SEO team to collect backlinks for your website which is a paid option. Else, you have to link back to your web partner to place your own site link i.e. typical link exchange process. In both of these, there is a chance of factor and of course, time and money are involved too.  You have to devote your resource, energy and ideas into external link development.

Easy solutions:

How about creating backlinks of your own?  You can always link back to your own web pages for a particular keyword.  You can do it anytime you wish, any way you want and there is no question to pay for this.

Yes, we are talking about creating internal linking which is one of the under-used On-page SEO techniques. Internal linking can have a huge impact on website performance in search engine.

How internal linking works?

First, you have to decide on certain keywords within your page content that are clickable. These hyperlinked keywords will point to another page of your website.

Say for example, your main keyword is “website advertising”. You want to rank in search engines with this keyword.  And, suppose any one of your pages talk about SEO, website marketing and all. You can easily link back to the relevant page from this keyword.  Now, if anybody reading out your page come across the highlighted keyword and click on it he or she will get onto another page on your site.

Why is Interlinking so effective?

Inter linking is one of the most effective ways to tell search engines how a page is important to your website and how relevant the keyword is to your site content.  Every time the key phrase appears in the subsequent pages, it creates a link back to that important page.

Even search engine robots while crawling through your website follow this linking pattern and find this reference page along the way. It increases the chance of appearing that page in search engine results.

How to do it easily?

If you use WordPress for your website CMS, you can automate this interlinking habit. There are good WordPress plugins that will do the heavy work for you. It is free and save your time and effort.


  • Make sure you are not using more than 3 internal links in one page
  • If you are using same keyword multiple times, ensure only one is clickable. Else it will look spammy to search engines.
  • There is no point linking every alternate word in a piece of content. It will look spammy to readers. Over doing anything is not a good idea for sure.

Remember, interlinking is critical to your website success.  Follow smart but effective website advertising strategies for maximum output.

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