List of Social Bookmarking Sites according to their Page Rank

Bookmarking sites

Importance of social bookmarking sites in building backlinks is beyond any discussion or doubt. It has been an excellent result-oriented link development tool for off-page marketers till date. Those who are serious about making the best out of social bookmarkng sites can do a lot than they know or they have already tried.

Bookmarking sites

It is a pity that some people choose shortcuts while developing bookmarking links for their sites. Let me tell you submitting webpages in bookmarking sites is not a stereo type job. One needs to be really methodical and religious about the best practices. Following rules and regulations of the site is also important here.

Now you must be wondering what to do with all these bookmarking sites listed below. Is it really feasible to open an account with each and manage them? No, it is not. It is absolutely not necessary to have an account in each of the bookmarking sites. You can simply choose 10- 15 best sites from the list as per your client’s requirements and relevancy. Selection of site is your personal choice, but for me the ideal ones are – Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Diggo, Squidoo, Folkd,Slashdot, Fark, Biz Sugar, Buddy marks.

The best idea is to explore all possible marketing opportunities a bookmarking site gives you. Yes, it takes time to do all these and earn recognition, but once you start getting favorable response; there is nothing that can stop you.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t treat social bookmarking site just another link building tool – there is much more it offers and you can do.
  2. Don’t be in a hurry to infuse keywords in the title, descriptions or tags just because you need to collect fresh juicy backlinks for free.
  3. Start voting other’s bookmarks, develop relationships, build a community of followers and friends, improve user interactions and make your profile realistic and active.
  4. If you have a good number of clients to serve with, it is better you manage a few accounts; develop them religiously; increase your choice of topics and thus build links. This makes sense as you are concentrating on links from quality profiles. Creating hundreds of accounts is of no use.
  5. Social bookmarking accounts are not for single-time use. You need to keep working it.

List of Social Bookmarking Sites according to their Page Rank

PR 8PR 7PR 6PR 5
PR 4PR 3PR 2PR 1

If you know more social bookmarking platforms providing latest features to their members, please comment here to add them. You can also leave a message if some sites are not working properly. I will remove them from the list.

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