List of Top Dofollow Forums with PR for Effective Use

Dofollow Forums

Panda and penguin update has made all of us scary about collecting backlinks. The days are no more when building links was a fancy affair. Today you can not afford to do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. The Big G – SEO fortune maker is in hot seat and is continuously watching each of our shows.

 In short people who think “Shortcut is the key to immediate success” will perish very soon.

Dofollow Forums

 So what is the way out? Hundreds of experts will give you thousands of suggestions. All are talking about natural promotion, pure organic SEO, White Level SEO and quality stuffs. But how to do them all? What makes your effort countable and honest to Google?

 Earlier I wrote a post on Top 100 Dofollow blogs for quality backlinks and blog commenting rules. Today it is about building free backlinks from most popular dofollow forums. Download link is given below.

 Forum links are valuable because they give you targeted-traffic and loads of backlinks. If you are selling products or services and need real people to review them on a regular basis, forum is the idea place for instant communications.

 Say for example, for each of the dofollow forum you join, you have 50 posts live in a month with 1 or 2 signature links. Now out of the whole list of 700 dofollow forums ( with good PR) if you can manage even 100 forum per month , you have 5000 backlinks built most organically. Traffic increase is the added benefit. It is not at all a bad deal. Even changing anchor texts alternatively can also reticulate keyword distribution.

 However, joining each of these forums for the first time may look little time-consuming. But once you are done it is a life-time asset that you can use to your benefit. Take your own time, know your abilities and start rolling stone.

 Selecting the best dofollow forums (as far PR is concerned) is little bit of exercise that you need to do yourself. Rest is given here.

 Just click on the download link and you will get a Rar file named “Dofollowforums.rar”. Filter the list and it is all yours.

700 dofollow forums with PR

If you have any suggestions on the list given please leave a comment here.

About the Author:

Sanat SinghaSanat Singha is a professional blogger and a tech enthusiast. He is into WordPress blog management, social media promotion and copy writing . While working as a Project Leader – Content in a reputed SEO company he writes about Business Process Management plans for his readers. For inquiries email him at

  1. Hmmmm, Now out of the whole list of 700 do-follow forums ( with good PR) if you can manage even 100 forum per month , you have 5000 back-linksa and built most organically. Traffic increase is the added benefit, many thanks

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