Mauka Mauka: One of the Best Sports Campaigns in India

Mauka Mauka

In India, cricket is much more than a sport. It is a religion. It is an emotion. Every four years, the Cricket World Cup takes the excitement of the people to its peak. Adding to this frenzy is the ever-lasting arch rivalry with Pakistan. Seizing this mauka (opportunity), Star Sports launched one of the most successful sports ad campaigns of India.

First Mauka Mauka ad

The very first match of India at the ICC World Cup 2015, was scheduled against Pakistan. This proved to be the best opportunity for Star Sports to begin their ad campaign. Just a week before the match, Star Sports unveiled the Mauka Mauka India vs. Pakistan ad, and the rest is history. Within just 12 hours of its launch, the ad went viral and received more than a million organic views. It became an instant hit not only in India but also in neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Mauka Mauka ad captured the public sentiments perfectly with a tinge of humor. It portrayed the tense situation of an India-Pakistan match in a light-hearted and hilarious style. Without featuring any cricketing star, the ad won millions of hearts with its simplicity. The first-of-its-kind, this ad showed the emotions of a Pakistani fan, not an Indian. It featured a Pakistani fan waiting for a mauka to celebrate since 1992 as Pakistan has never defeated India in a World Cup match.

Second Mauka Mauka ad

The success of a single ad then led to the creation of a whole series of ads, which were equally successful. In the second ad, Star Sports turned the joke on Indian fans as the second match of India was against South Africa and India had then never won against South Africa in a World Cup match. Laughing at one’s own plight was something that touched the hearts of the fans. Continuing the series, Star Sports launched several Mauka Mauka ads that emphasized on each of the following =World Cup matches.

Mauka Mauka campaign

The emotionally charged online and TV campaign stirred a sense of unity amidst regional and cultural diversities. The focal point of the ads being solidarity towards one’s own country. Striking the right emotional chords, the campaign became a phenomenal hit with its simple and humorous content.

The Mauka Mauka campaign was brilliant in its own comical way. It captured the emotions and reactions of every cricket fan perfectly. Despite the rivalry, the ad was executed with careful simplicity and humor without offending anyone.

Star Sports’ Mauka Mauka campaign was aimed at increasing the viewership during the World Cup matches. The success of the campaign was so overwhelming that the channel continued it for other cricket tournaments as well. Mauka Mauka ads proved that right timing, intelligent content and a simple thought can work wonders!

For more insights on how Star came up with the remarkable ad campaign, visit here.

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