Online Marketing For Your Particular Industry

Online Marketing For Your Particular Industry

The way you market your company ought to complement the industry that you are in. There are a lot of guides out there that convey blanket advice, but there’s very little in the way of practical advice for specific industries.

And that’s not surprising. Online marketing is still a maturing industry and everybody still has a lot to learn. Having said this, we’re now seeing the utility of specify types of online marketing for specific activities.

Online Marketing For Your Particular Industry


Let’s say for example you’re somebody that works one-on-one with clients. Perhaps you’re a lawyer, a nutritionist or a fitness instructor. You’re the sort of person who’ll probably see an enormous benefit from social media engagement.

Because you’re meeting people one-on-one, you want a platform that will allow you to engage with potential customers. They’ll have questions about your unique talents and skills. And they’ll want to hear directly about how you can help them. You can tell them (and everybody else) directly over social media.

Imagine how useful it would be for a nutritionist to engage with customers over social media. Think of the tips and encouragement you could give. And think about how each of your customers is connected to a network of people who can see the visible results of your work.

Don’t forget, using social media is essential, regardless of what your activity. It helps improve your business’s rank on Google, and keeps your company visible. Make sure you make regular links between your own website and your social media account.

If you’re in real estate, social media can help you too. Imagine how effective Pinterest and Instagram would be for selling houses. Why not showcase your best homes for free on these sites?

Social media is not the only channel available of course. If you’re in a knowledge industry, for example, education, you’ll want to update your clients on the latest thinking in the industry. Among the best ways to do this is through blogs and online seminars. You could even try to get the message out through a news outlet.

What blogs and new bulletins do is get people engaged in all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in particular industries. In education, for example, you might want to post on the latest in teaching methods. You might then want to get the word out to the right people using some sort of news service. Or you might then advertise your new material on social media. If you can create engaging content, it becomes a lot easier to drive traffic to your website.

Real-time Marketing

Look at how Donald Trump has used real-time updates to bolster his election campaign. He’s used Twitter to his advantage more than any other candidate. And part of the reason he’s been so successful are his punchy responses to news and events.

Your company could learn a thing or two from Trump, especially if your industry is one in which conditions regularly change. Updating Twitter with the latest deals attracts interested clients. And if you’re very lucky, they might just go viral.

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