Reasons Why Oracle Database Enjoys Undisputed Leadership in the Market

Leadership in the Market

Staying abreast with the newest trends and advancements in cloud services would be ensuring that your business forges a way ahead of the competition and is forever prepared to accept the challenges of disruptive developments that often dominate the technological landscape. If you are a part of the cloud computing industry, a developer or user or a DBA expert, you simply cannot ignore Oracle’s role in the cloud computing arena.

Oracle is supposed to be an object-relational database that is surely one of the most complicated databases worldwide. It implies that Oracle would be supporting numerous object-oriented features like improving the database server’s capability simply by defining complicated and new data types and utilizing the key attributes of ‘Inheritance’ for defining objects that could procure the properties of some other objects.

Understanding Oracle’s Expansion

Oracle is just not expanding its operations in the U.S.A. it is also taking major steps to expand internationally. In the U.S.A., Oracle has established technology quarters recently in Austin, Texas. Through this development, the organization has increased its workforce focusing primarily on technological professionals. Meanwhile, Oracle is expanding to Africa, the Middle East, and even Europe. The international recruitment drive has been concentrating on getting experienced sales professionals in cloud services.

Understanding Oracle’s Expansion

Oracle is expanding its present regional cloud set-up footprint for delivering Oracle cloud services effectively to an ever-increasing number of partners and customers. Oracle’s expansion plans have been driven precisely by intense customer demand precisely for cloud services across the world. Oracle has recently announced its intention to expand significantly its cutting-edge cloud infrastructure footprint.

The organization’s rapid expansion policies and plans include the inauguration of 12 datacenter regions boosting the depth and breadth of Oracle Cloud services across Europe, Asia, and obviously, America. With this expansion news, Oracle would be continuing its industry leadership status, delivering an integrated and comprehensive portfolio of cloud computing services.

According to the company’s CEO, Oracle has been uniquely suited for delivering some of the best and autonomous technologies worldwide. Oracle would continue to invest so that the boundaries would keep expanding. Thanks to Oracle’s global data-center expansion, the company’s customers are able to enjoy relatively lower IT expenses and they have been able to compete fiercely and mitigate risks like never before. Oracle has been weaving autonomous capabilities seamlessly into the cloud fabric for helping clients in efficiently safeguarding their systems, delivering competitive advantage, and driving innovation much faster with clever real-time decisions. In this context, you may seek the professional assistance of, the leader in the field of database management offering 24×7 support for perfect remote DBA solutions.

Organizations are still carrying on turning to Oracle for building, deploying, and extending truly game-changing applications and running business-crucial workloads in the highly reliable, available, and really secure cloud environment. Currently, clients in over 195 nations are running their most effective applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud Platform.

What Are the Implications of Oracle’s Expansion

Bright Future in Cloud Computing: One of the implications of Oracle’s expansion is that you are heading towards a bright and surely expanding industry future that is certainly not near maturity. The latest Oracle’s expansion moves also indicate that today, organizations are basically looking for affordable remote DBA experts rather than exorbitant in-house operations.

Globalization of Cloud Services: We are able to witness the globalization of the cloud services as Oracle rolls out its plans to gradually expand to the EMEA region which would be including economies based in Africa and the Middle East. All these developments are suggesting that from now on DBA experts could start getting prepared to provide effective cloud computing solutions to both the domestic and international clients, translating effectively into increased avenues and opportunities.

Onshore Talent Quite Valuable: The recruitment patterns evident in the expansion goals of Oracle actually indicate that the onshore talent relevant to the cloud computing services still remains very valuable.

The Top Reasons for Oracle’s Supremacy

Oracle seems to have several features which make it quite popular and a favorite in the world of business. Oracle’s new versions are being released with certain improved and novel features geared toward corporate and businesses. Within the margin of the software market, we have noticed that Oracle has successfully managed to assume the leading role because of their intention and goal of providing the perfect databases. There are some incredible benefits associated with the use of Oracle databases. Here are some of the benefits of the top benefits that could be obtained by a leading software firm.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the main reasons for using Oracle databases is because of Oracle’s firm faith in the concept of customer satisfaction. For instance, all Oracle databases are supposed to be backward compatible. This lets businesses to efficiently consider upgrading their systems without a comprehensive database overhaul. This would be providing effective and even low-cost upgrades. Moreover, the latest versions of the database would be providing new features without eliminating the popular features that existed in the older versions. This demonstrates the fact that Oracle’s product is not introduced in terms of cost-efficiency for the company but is based primarily on the client’s function.


Oracle databases are actually utilized for almost all kinds of corporate level applications. Oracle is known to be dominating the banking industry. The top ten banks across the globe are using Oracle databases for conducting their business smoothly. This is basically because of Oracle’s functionality. Oracle provides a seamless combination of integrated business solutions and highest levels of technology. Oracle seems to be just right for all organizations that are having humungous data for storing and accessing.


The most important benefit of using Oracle is enjoying the fruits of their trustworthiness and reliability, the Oracle database is known for delivering exceptional performance when faced with challenging tasks. We are aware that the ACID test that seems to be a critical tool for ensuring the integrity of stored data was actually passed easily by the Oracle database. You must understand that this test is really of great importance as reliable storage of data seems to be the core purpose of the database. Thus, Oracle databases would be delivering high integrity of stored data.

Conclusion: Oracle’s Flashback Technology for Ultimate Leadership in the Industry

Oracle databases are known to be incorporating Flashback technology that is a remarkable advantage. In case there is any kind of application outage, because of several reasons, it is critical not to go on losing important stored data. Flashback technology of Oracle would be facilitating the effective data recovery and that may include recovery of lost or incorrectly or mistakenly deleted data. The competent Flashback technology would definitely eliminate human error and boost database recovery time. Ultimately, the Flashback technology would be facilitating a truly simplified administrative process and seamless management.

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