SEO content writing – What is the big deal?


Anything you write on web to promote your client’s website, you are a web content writer. But, does it mean that you are a SEO content writer too? Whether you are a writer by passion or profession, writing SEO-friendly content sets you apart from the crowd.

As per industry claims, SEO content writers have distinct places than ordinary writers.

Well, in case you are not from SEO fields, I need to clarify what exactly SEO content writing signifies.

seo content writing

SEO content writing:

When you write a piece of article that can easily be indexed and traced on high search engine result pages, your content is Search Engine-friendly. Means, the search engines (Google, Yahoo) can find your content highly relevant to user’s search queries.

When does an article become search-engine friendly?

  1. If the content is keywords/key-phrase optimized that people are searching about
  2. If the article information satiates user’s requirements and thus earn good readership
  3. If you are maintaining optimum keyword density and used long tail key-phrases
  4. If you have hyperlinked relevant keywords and it is properly placed in a sentence
  5. If the content is unique and not many like you have covered the topic before
  6. If the article is simple to read and easy-going till the end
  7. If the article get good responses in terms of comments, trackbacks and pingbacks
  8. If people share your article on social media platforms and discuss about it
  9. If you have used headings, subheadings in your article and maintained small paragraphs to describe each concept
  10. If you have correctly mixed the set of keywords into your article
  11. If the content is news-based or tutorial-based
  12. If you have used relevant images with Alt-tag attributes

Therefore, writing just an article is quite different than drafting a SEO-driven content. This requires years of expertise to learn the skills and lot of patience to excel on this.

If you are into this job, make sure you don’t spend much time to upgrade yourself. Competition is too much in this profession. So, hurry up!

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