SEO to IM – The Transition and Beyond

SEM to Inbound Marketing

Change is inevitable… and this has been proved once again. The typical link-dependent search engine marketing has taken a backstage. In fact, the blow had to come some day or the other.

Don’t get me wrong … SEO still works and will … Service providers still make business and will…

But, the format of marketing sure is going to take a deep U turn. Yes, there are many things in the earth to do except cursing on the keywords and their movement like a pendulum … up.. down.. up…down

SEM to Inbound Marketing

How long will you fight back against Google’s algorithm update and maintain consistency in keyword ranking?  How many varied strategies will you apply  to place your client  on top 5 every month? What full-proof planning do you have to strive and survive for next 10 years or so?

Yes, there is a lot to discuss and do.  The following presentation will take you through the migration process — from SEO to Inbound Marketing and the job role of next gen inbound marketer.

Are you ready for the leap?

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