SharePoint 2013: Blessed with Lots of New & Innovative Features


We all are well aware about Microsoft SharePoint, which is an advanced web application platform. Being an internet facilitator, it connected with content management and document management. In the span of time, many new versions have been introduced in the market with lots of new features. Recently, SharePoint 2013 lands in the market with enhanced features and capabilities to offer its users. It is considered as a new way of working together as it helps users to organize, share and sync all their content efficiently.

 Innovative Features SharePoint20-feb Blessed with innovative features, SharePoint 2013 allow users to share their ideas and track their employees and colleagues while working. Moreover, it is also a most powerful platform that allows companies and enterprises to enjoy lots of features. The latest version also offers new and innovative ways of sharing information and work within the organizations. According to Microsoft, users will get a wonderful experience while using new version of SharePoint and the company also claims to provide neat and clean design.

Users can also quickly access to all their documents, websites, news feeds and more to get a unique experience. Before, it was not easy to save documents, share content, list editing and more, but SharePoint 2013 serves all these services in least time through your smart-phone and tablets. Along with these benefits, there are many other capabilities also offered by SharePoint 2013:


shareyouridea20-feb By using latest version of SharePoint, you are allowed share your ideas, information, project details, feeds related to any activity within your company or outside of the company. You can easily publish content without facing any problem; you just need to use Microsoft Office application.


It also enables you to organize your essential projects and tasks to get visibility for coming deliverable. You can also set up a new team in just few minutes and bring email of all your team and documents in one place. With SkyDrive pro, you can Sync your content in SharePoint to your desktop, so important documents are just single click away.


SharePoint 2013 also comes with the capability of eDiscovery that offers enhanced mode to protect your business. It allows users to discover their interest, documents, information and projects with other people, who are present in the organization. It becomes also simple for users to generate reports with the help of Excel sheet and can update that sheet on SharePoint to share data with other people.

Improved Branding Feature:

SharePoint 2013 also comes with designing feature that offers dynamic process for designing a website with pixel-perfect branding. This new feature does not require SharePoint knowledge and skills, and it allows you to develop a successful design and brand a SharePoint website.Now people with knowledge of CSS, JavaScript and HTML can easily design a SharePoint website and brand their site.

Mobile Device Support:

sharepointsupport in mobiledeviceWith constant increasing in the demand for smart-phones, Microsoft has added a new feature for mobile phone users. Now they are able to access SharePoint content from their smart-phone. The new version of SharePoint come-up with two new views for smart-phone users such as a full-screen view and contemporary view. Both these new views are completely best for smart-phone users as the existing views are quite common.

Social Touch:

Microsoft has given a touch of social to SharePoint 2013 as it specially designed with social capabilities for users. Users can experience enhanced collaboration between their employees. The company has added Newsfeed, new micro blogging and social features also like community sites and follow sites.


So these are some new and fresh features that are updated in new version of SharePoint. Now, users can get an ultimate experience by using SharePoint development within their organization or out of organization.

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