Should Your Business Use More Video?

Fly Video Capture

Have you ever had a customer that wanted to see a demonstration of what your product can do? Maybe they asked to see the work you’ve done for other customers? And what about all those customers that would rather head to a retail store to see an item instead of shopping online? These are the people that would benefit from your video archive. Not got one? Here are some simple tips to get you started, and why you need to do it now:


Videos are easy to embed on your content pages on your website. You could even have videos running on your landing pages. If you have rather a niche product, or at last an unusual application for a product, you need to make sure the customer is clear about what it is they do. A video demonstration only takes a couple of hours to make.

From there, thousands of customers might view it on your website, whether they were looking for it or not.


Before you start creating a video, think about why you’re making it. This saves you time later on and focuses your attention. It also focuses the attention of the customer. If you’re using unmanned aerial vehicles as a survey tool in your business, you might think you already have plenty of footage you can use in a video. But you also need to capture footage of the drone itself. This broadens the customer’s knowledge, and can easily answer questions about how big it is, how easy it is to control, and where it’s safe to fly.

Come up with four of five key questions a customer might ask about your product. Then aim to answer those questions with a practical demonstration in your video. You don’t have to use a presenter if you’re camera shy. A simple voice-over, or even a few text-based bullet points to clarify the visuals might be enough.

Fly Video Capture

Professional or on the fly video capture? Credit

A YouTube Channel?

It’s worth posting new video content to your company YouTube channel on a regular basis. Even if this is only once per month, it retains and builds interest for potential customers. Some might record your videos to view again later, or even share them with their social media groups. This can quickly and easily increase your leads. As with text-based content, make it easy to follow, engaging, interesting and useful. You would aim to use high-quality photos on your web pages. Make sure you’re using high-quality video shots and even static infographics in your videos.


Not all customers have the time to watch videos. But if you create playlists, they can binge on your content later. Add closed captions so they can be watched even when sound isn’t appropriate or available. Mix up the content too. Some videos might be tutorials. Others might be light-hearted and entertaining. Don’t forget to throw in the odd sales video too. Video can help with your SEO as well as problem bounce rates. Will your business use more video in the future?

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