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Alerti social media monitoring tool

Social media monitoring tools have traditionally been used primarily by online marketing types, as well as by non-online businesses, to measure how effective their social media campaigns are penetrating social media. But getting a lot of tweets isn’t a social media marketing campaign’s objective; instead, the tweets help the marketer, if done properly. They can also be used to monitor what competitors are doing. In this way, they can also be of great use to bloggers. By using Alerti, a popular social media monitoring tool for bloggers and marketers alike, bloggers can find out what other people are writing about and what is popular amongst readers. People will share things they like on Facebook and Twitter, and other blogs will syndicate it, so if you find a topic that is being shared a lot by people similar to your readers then you can quickly find a popular topic to write about.

In this Future of Engagement episode, host Murray Newlands explores how to use social media monitoring tools:

Social media monitoring tool usage among bloggers

Bloggers have used social media monitoring tools only recently, but the results have been tremendously beneficial for them. Instead of getting bad writer’s block and having to write the same old “X Ways to do Y” type posts about the same topic every week, bloggers can now much more easily find popular topics. In the video, you can see how Newlands uses social media monitoring tools to hear what people say about VigLink, but he also uses it to find out topics to write about for his blog.

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