Social Media Professionals Need To Know These Things About SEO

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Often SEO and social media get separated out into two different fields of specialty, and while this is a valid division, there are great similarities between the two and overlapping areas. Areas that social media professionals need to be aware of so they can properly orient their campaigns to be as effective as possible.

Content is king

Content truly is king in both the areas of social media and SEO. This is because Content is the way you get people genuinely interested in what you are saying. Something that means it can be used for both branding and marketing purposes.

Types of content that you should consider for your marketing and branding campaigns include blog posts, promotions, forums, and ebooks amongst others. In particular, Video is increasingly popular at the moment, mainly because of its entertainment and storytelling qualities.

However, above all else, the content you produce must be of excellent quality. That means not stuffed with keywords just for the sake of it, or blanket promotions about how great you are, that comes straight from the marketing manager’s mouth. Instead, create content that provides value to your customers either in the form of entertainment or information. Remember too that if you connect has a promotional stance, at least get genuine customer testimonials and reviews for credibility.

Of course, this content can be shared on the company’s website, social media pages, and through search engines. Something that makes good content everyone’s concern including the social media department’s.

SEO is always changing

Those not directly involved with SEO may not always realize that it is not a static field, but one that is constantly changing and evolving. In fact, the SEO strategies of yesteryear are no longer valid, primarily because the way that the search engine bots trawl for information is regularly upgraded.

That means that blatant attempts at pushing things up the SEO ranking are weeded out. It also means that anyone dealing with SEO for business needs to be aware of these constant changes and ensure that their campaign keeps pace with them to be as effective as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

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Of course, non-SEO professionals can benefit from the help of companies such as Nu Studio who are experts in the field and know the world of SEO inside out. Something that leaves the professional with non-SEO specific background free to devote themselves to what they do best.

SEO and social media together

Last, of all social media professionals need to familiarize themselves with the strengths and weaknesses of SEO. For example, SEO is great for link building and increase site hits, while social media is best suited to encouraging interactivity and brand awareness.

Knowing these positives and negatives about the two disciplines allows social media professional to use them both in tandem for the most effective campaign possible. One that will reach the right audience and increase site hits, as well as the hits to sale conversion rate that is so important in making a business as profitable as it can be.

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