Strategies That Work in Successful BPM Projects


Understanding Business Process and executing it in real life is not similar.  You have to walk an extra mile to ensure undergoing BPM project is successful for your organisation.  The problem is many of us commit mistakes during initial days of BPM implementation.  If you are not one of them or don’t want to be you should know the winning strategies well before competition arises.

Successful BPM Projects

 Here are a few tips you can consider important while considering BPM applications.

First, Identify organizational stakeholders:   You should know who does what and how.  In fact the process owner should be identified first.  The reason is someone who understands BPM well know can only do this job perfect.

Second, learn how to formulate long term strategic goals.  Chalk out your goals in bullet points. This will show you a road map how to go ahead.

Third, start with small as it will slowly show you the ROI.  This will guide your behaviour and expectations in the organisation.

Fourth, make a habit of reporting requirements.  Remember how it is going to be implemented from business user’s point of point. Do this sparingly while designing the plan and the process.

Fifth, it is ideal that you involve business users while gathering business requirements and quotes.  This way user will learn how to react to a solution and based on that perfect needs can be crafted.

Sixth, managing organisational expectations is an art.  You have to make sure that all requirements have been properly addressed and reasonable solutions have been delivered.  Regular feedback sessions can be helpful in this regard.  You should have an evaluation team to monitor BPM performance and act accordingly.

Seventh, in BPM projects no changes are permanent.  Though BPM lifecycle goes in its own way you need to continually refine the process. This is required because you have to improve and meet new requirements.  Make sure you are applying latest BPM versions with latest technology specifications.

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