The importance of quality images in your blog


Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular hobby across the world and can even be a good source of income for those determined enough to build a large readership – as well as some advertising revenue.

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Anyone with a decent knowledge of a niche subject and methods of attracting web traffic could start up a reasonably popular blog. It takes a bit of grit and determination though, as well as an entertaining writing style.

However, one thing a lot of new blogs lack is a good range of images to complement their words. Many bloggers don’t have the time, equipment or desire to take photographs themselves, which is a shame because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Instead, they resort to either composing a plain-looking blog or stealing images which they have no right to use. Neither of these solutions are ideal for those who are hoping to one day make money from their blog.

A better plan might be to use some of the royalty-free images available across the web. There are a number of websites which offer stock images at a reasonable price and those who buy royalty-free images will be able to have access to use the image on their blog however they see fit, subject to terms/conditions.

Royalty-free images

For those covering a certain niche, it might be worth buying perhaps a dozen images surrounding their chosen subject and use one of them to accompany each blog post they write. This is a simple way of making blog posts more attractive to read and could help build a blog’s readership.

Blog posts with images are more eye-catching and, if thumbnails are used with a link to the story, could encourage new readers to enter a website for the first time. After that, it’s down to the writer to bedazzle them with their writing prowess.

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