The Key Ingredient that Can Make You a Successful Blogger (take action)


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For how long have you been blogging? How have results been so far? Are you enjoying it or not?

   For months after starting my medifast and nutrisystem diet blog, I did the best I could and I hardly missed the latest post on some of the top blogs in my field. I read, read and read, and asked questions in forums and everywhere else, and I did all that is within my power to inform myself. Little did I know that I have been doing all the wrong things at the wrong times!

Successful Blogging

   A lot of bloggers are currently in the same boat as I was then, they read and read a lot of articles, they even invest in the latest course and books produced by respected bloggers around them and then wonder why they can’t get result. The reality is that the one thing they need to do to succeed as bloggers is very simple. In fact, it is very simple to the extent that every single blogger can do it, and it is so simple that you don’t need a cent to do it. It doesn’t matter whether you spend a million dollars on blogging courses, or whether you fail to read a single blogging article, the one key to success I will be revealing in this article will make a huge difference in your blogging career.

The One Mistake Most Bloggers Make that Cripples Their Career


Not really, but I’ll explain.

If I ask you what is the key to building a successful blog I’m sure your answer will be along the lines of reading and observing what the top blogs in your field are doing, but I can assure you that you are very wrong. When I was also just new to blogging I used to read a lot. In fact, I sometimes read to the extent of forgetting to update my blog. Whenever I read a new article or whenever I learn a “new” tip, I feel that rush of excitement in my body, and I become so happy at what I can achieve. My head was filled with all the theories about blogging, and I kept on telling people around me how great blogging is and why they should start their own blogs, even though mine was hardly getting results. The mistake, though, is that there was one thing I failed to do, and that no amount of reading could correct. That one thing is the key ingredient to your success as a blogging and I’ll be explaining it below.

Take Action!

Exactly! You might take it as an order, or as something that is in your best interest. No matter how you take it, this is the one thing that can mean the difference in you being a failure or success as a blogger.

 Don’t just read and wait for the latest tip, and try to avoid the excitement that comes from learning something “new”. The reality is that it doesn’t matter how much new things you learn, the only thing that will determine your success as a blogger is the action you take. So, stop reading, and start acting!

About the Author:

John boasts a successful blog because not only did he read a lot, but he also took action, as he explains above. He promoted his site, which features a Nutrisystem review and coupon. John’s site focuses on the best weight loss programs and diet plans, like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Medifast, Diet to Go, and eDiets.

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