The Top 5 Things People Never Tell You About

Online Marketing

It doesn’t matter whether you sell primarily on the Internet or not. As a business, what does matter is you have a marketing strategy. It’s obvious that a successful online brand awareness campaign will help your company grow.

The Web is awash with websites that give you all kinds of hints and tips on how you should be doing online marketing. If you’re a long-time visitor of this site, you’ll even find a few on here too! What other sites won’t mention are the “things” that people seldom tell you about. You know, those little everyday quirks or annoyances – or how to get around them!

Online Marketing

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Today I’ve decided to share with you five of the pet peeves all online marketers have. And, of course, how you can avoid them or make things easier on yourself. Here is what you need to know:

1. Time has no meaning

“That’s a quick five-minute task,” you might think to yourself. But then, that simple task takes you about a week to complete! One of the reasons for things taking so long is usually down to using the wrong resources.

It goes without saying that you should only use tools that are a perfect fit for your needs. For example, use Chatmeter to manage your brand reputation and track social campaigns. And Google Analytics for in-depth A/B testing of your website content.

2. You need excellent organizational skills

Online marketing isn’t just about delegating tasks or using certain software. You need to have strong organizational skills. For example, how are you keeping track of certain campaigns or strategies? And are you waiting for someone to deliver you some data before you can begin your next campaign?

Find a way of organizing your campaigns. Even an Excel spreadsheet is better than filing scraps of paper on your desk!

3. Past campaigns won’t always be a success

We live in an evolving world. The things we like today might be annoying or embarrassing tomorrow. When you devise a new online marketing campaign, bear that fact in mind.

You should be working on a campaign that targets a current trend. Don’t get stuck with past formulas. They seldom work on a “use, rinse and repeat” basis.

4. You WILL need some help

One thing people will never tell you about online marketing is that you need help. You might assume that you can tackle everything yourself. The truth is, you’ll need to rely on third parties to carry out certain tasks.

There’s no point being a Jack of all trades, master of none. Stick to your specialisms. And get experts to take care of things that you aren’t skilled in. For example, a graphic designer from can create email newsletter images for you.

5. Online marketing doesn’t provide overnight results

It’s a fact that always rings true, especially for startup businesses. For instance, building a social media following will often take months of dedication. You can’t wake up one morning and expect to have 100k followers because of your Facebook ad campaign!


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