How to Prepare your Magento Store for this Holiday Season

Holiday season

The holiday season is knocking at the door. While people are busy preparing themselves for the festivals ahead, storeowners try their best to prepare their store for the upcoming festivities because it is during this time that most store owners get a bulk of their sales. This is also that time of year when shoppers prefer to look at online stores to research new products. As traditional brick and mortar store owners do, the holiday season is a good time for you to give your Magento store a perfect revamp.

Some effective tips to prepare your Magento store for this holiday season are as follows:

Devise the right strategy for selling

Using correct strategies and techniques is always beneficial for store owners to grab the most sales in the holiday season. Look back, analyze your campaigns from the past, and plan to overcome previous mistakes. Figure out where you made more profits. Try to make a proper plan and start building store strategy methodically. While you are devising new strategies, you do not have to start from scratch. Try to replicate strategies that gave you more results and work on areas that need improvement. Next, grab a calendar and mark the dates on which you are willing to offer promotions as well as run a campaign. Try to come up with ideas that would help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Hone your premarketing skills

Use powerful tools to create content that is exciting, leaving the audience yearning for more; and social media to promote this content. You can always create a buzzword with promotional deals for your store, without revealing the whole story. Leave your audience excited to grab the products they wish to buy from you. Also, do not forget to update promotional banners on your web store; you can also use eye catchy notification bar and gaming pop-ups that stir the curiosity of your audience and encourages them to buy your products.

A customer mail list is required

In order to add a personal touch to your promotion strategies, send your consumer’s exciting emails that talk about discounts and offers on the products in your store. Make a list and start sending your customers emails that make them curious about your products. Use customized email templates that might make your consumers fall in love with the products and cause them to be eager to purchase from you.

Make use of social media

One of the most effective ways to let the world know about what is in your store is to utilize the power of social media. As a store owner, if you are willing to reach a wider audience, social media is the ideal platform. Go for effective social media promotions that comprise of sale posters and video teasers, to let people know about your products. As a store owner, you can hire the services of a Magento development company who can also help you with social media promotions for your store.

Reward your consumers

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, promotions, and coupons usually, influence 77% of holiday shoppers. So, if you are planning to attract more potential consumers, reward your consumers with coupons and promotions. Try to give them additional incentives if there is a new product being launched. This will help you to stay ahead when competing with other web store owners.

Smooth and superior shopping experience

It is very important for web store owners to provide their customers with a hassle-free shopping experience. Take steps to ensure that the load time of pages on your website is as low as possible and make the store interface clean and simple. If you wish to offer coupons, make those readily available to your consumers. Your consumers should not feel the need to hunt for anything as that can result in them leaving the site frustrated. A smooth easy to use interface is always helpful to provide an enriching shopping experience.

Flaunt your reviews

Converting a click to a sale is always easy when you flaunt your customer reviews. According to a survey, 70% of consumers think that customer reviews are always helpful when making a buying decision. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you display consumer reviews as much as possible, to attract more people to your store.

Opt for impulsive purchase options

The holiday season is the ideal time to introduce impulsive purchase options on your online store. When your consumer is checking out, make sure to suggest other items that they would like. This can lead to an increase in revenue generated for your store, as well as serve as a means to attract consumers towards your products. So, ask your Magento developers to introduce more options that encourage consumers to buy add-ons during checkout.

Post blogs on your website

Writing blog posts regularly is always a great way to prepare your Magento store for the upcoming holiday season. You can always write a blog that talks about what you plan to do during this holiday season without actually telling them the whole story. You can post the blogs on your website and other social media platforms to engage consumers and let them know more about your brand.


Your Magento store needs to be alluring enough to encourage and engage consumers when they visit your website. Devising the right store strategy for selling, honing your premarketing skills, making use of social media, and rewarding your consumers with attractive deals and offers are some common effective tips to prepare your Magento store for the holiday season. Do not forget to send your customers interesting emails that talk about upcoming offers at your store.

Also, build a sense of reliability in the mind of your customers by adding customer reviews for the products you sell. This goes a long way towards encouraging your customer to purchase your products. Ensure to provide a smooth hassle-free shopping experience by keeping the user interface simple and clean. Consumers should be able to find what they want without actually needing to hunt through the entire site. Post more blogs articles on your site and other social media platforms that fuel the curiosity of your customers.

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