Top 3 Ways an Email Verifier Will Improve the Way You Do Business

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Email seems to be the star of 2018 in terms of marketing channels. Its efficiency has long been proven and tops any other platforms, including social media. Large and small businesses focus on collecting their customers’ email addresses, as they’re aware of the value they hold. Also, email marketers realize how important it is to keep a thorough email hygiene, so they use an email verifier to maintain their databases clean.

Here are top 3 ways in which an email verifier will improve the way you do business.

It will boost your email deliverability

Email deliverability means how many of your emails reach the recipient’s inbox. Bad email addresses will result in a high bounce rate. Instead of influencing your subscribers, your campaigns will return to you, never having found their way to the inbox. An email verifier removes invalid email addresses from your list and restores your email deliverability. You’ll be able to get more campaigns delivered and thus expect better outcomes.

It saves you time and money

Let’s say you notice that many of your emails bounce. You’re aware your email list needs a good scrub, so you try to fix it yourself. Supposed that was possible, imagine how much time it would take. You may be able to remove some of the bad emails, but there are spam traps, catch-all, disposable and abuse emails you have no way of identifying. This is where an email verifier saves the day: in a matter of minutes, it filters out all the useless and risky addresses in your database. It saves you time and a big chunk of the money you’re paying your email service provider to send to invalid leads.

It increases your ROI

How could you possibly convince someone to buy your product or service if you can’t even reach them? An email verifier changes that right away. As soon as you clean your email list, you’ll notice an improvement in deliverability. With more of your subscribers getting your email, you have a better chance of converting them. Marketers that use an email verifier report an immediate increase in ROI, and that’s thanks to the fact they are keeping up with their email hygiene.

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