What if Google opens a new SEO company?


Google is most likely to join the ongoing tug of war of SEO companies. Yes, it is shocking news to many, but that is what a few people are talking about.

Let us dig out more and find what exactly is in the fate of small scale SEO industries.

Well not many people will be able to handle the truth. I am sure about it.


What is in the news?

It has been reported that Google is starting its own SEO Company. Serena Shapero stated this at Newswire about a couple of months ago. If this would be true just imagine the huge change SEO domain will face. There will be a massive after-effect of what we are not in a position to anticipate.

As in the news, Google’s SEO team will include 100s of clients and every client would be charged up to $25,000 a month. Google will also deploy a team who will look after SEO robots to treat sites with poor rankings. They were supposed to start it in early May.

Not many will believe on such possibilities. However if such things happen what is the next?

Here are a few possibilities:

1. Google will have a monopoly in SEO industry. Ordinary players won’t be able to compete with the quality SE giant will provide. It is quite obvious. You know yourself better than anyone.

2. There will be a lot of emphasis on ethical SEO practice as Google understands it well.

3. SEO will no more be a fun and game. The whole charm of SEO basics will be lost as it will be a one-sided game.

4. Small SEO businesses have to wrap up their units and find some alternatives.

5. Spammers would completely be washed off from the market. It is expected Google will be stricter than ever before.

6. What is more important is how Google will treat itself on the context of ranking parameters. How do you rate yourself against your benchmark? It is interesting and worth watching.

7. Search engine giants – Yahoo and Bing will see a new dimension altogether. Chances are there some medium scale SEO companies will take their business to Yahoo and Bing.

8. Google may lose its popularity. What Google is today is because of its unpaid, organic search results. If Google itself start doing SEO it could be as similar as paid ads (like the sponsored ads through Ad words)

9. SEO package will look like an extended version of Adwords. The only difference is that in Ad words you pay a few pounds for clicks, and here you pay $25,000 to buy space in organic listings.

10. The positive thing is that we will get to see the best SEO techniques followed by search engine giant. People will learn a lot from the master.

So is Google really going to do all these? Is there any definite proof?  I haven’t seen it yet mentioned in Google’s Blog.

We pray it will not happen ever. Let the competition be even and unbiased. Let this service industry survive long. Google is only good if it gives other players a chance to play.

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