Why Do Some Bloggers Succeed While Others Fail? It’s About Character

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The idea that you could make a job out of being a blogger was once ridiculed. But why? I mean, we had writers in the past. And those writers weren’t exactly held in low-regard.

Mainly, it was just because it was new.

But now that blogging has gone mainstream, there is a lot more competition. It’s more than just bashing out a few words on your keyboard and gathering an enormous readership. So what are the traits of the bloggers who succeed?

They Enjoy Their Work

Writing isn’t something that you can force. Just ask any writer about the curse of writer’s block. No, writing has to be something that is natural. All writers will report that they do their best writing when they’re actually writing about topics that interest them. And that’s the key to being a successful blogger. Don’t start up a blog on data management if it’s not something that gets you buzzing in the morning. Focus instead on the stuff that actually interests you. Your passion will come across to your audience, and they’ll be genuinely engaged by what you have to say.

They Aren’t Afraid To Seek Advice

Very few people become master bloggers without any outside guidance. It’s like any other industry; there are some tips and tricks every blogger can use to his or her advantage. If you can, find a mentor who already runs a successful blog and see what it is that they do that accounts for their success.

They Post On Other Blogs

Many bloggers focus solely on their own blog. And while this is admirable, it doesn’t make good business sense. You want to spread your seed as widely as possible and get yourself know. One cool thing you can do if you don’t want to post is to make informative or helpful comments underneath blogs. This gets your name out there and in the public domain.

And don’t think that guest blogging is a waste of time either. Sites like https://www.guestposttracker.com/blog/get-paid-to-blog/ detail how you can get paid to blog.

They Can Take Criticism

One of the things that can unsettle many bloggers is the level of online criticism. Sometimes the criticism is helpful. You want to make sure, after all, that you’re catering to your audience. But often criticism online is just mean. Unfortunately, this comes with the territory.

The trick is to take on board the criticism that you feel you can learn from and ignore the rest.

They Interact On Social Media

Blogger on Social Mediapixabay.com

Social media is a godsend for bloggers. Here’s a platform that can be used from any device from any location. Plus, you’ve usually already got a large audience before you even start. Great bloggers take advantage of their contacts on social media to grow their empires. From there they often set up successful websites, dedicated to their own blogs.

They Proofread Their Work

Too many blogs these days are riddled with errors. And, although people will usually understand what you mean, it just makes your work look sloppy. Definitely something worth avoiding.


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