Why Is SEO Important If I’m Not Selling Anything?

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Many bloggers struggle to understand the essentials of search engine optimization. This is because it’s difficult to see how it applies to them. After all, many blogs are discovered through services like WordPress or Blogger. Their audience often grows from social media shares. And many bloggers choose to meet their fan base in person at various events related to their topic of content. Why would a blogger need to be ranked at number one, two, or three on Google at all?

What’s The Point?

It’s understandable that any business selling goods or services would want to appear at the top for product keywords. After all, they need to attract traffic to their site so they can convert them to sales. But most bloggers aren’t actually selling anything. Many offer advice and musings about lifestyle, parenting, blogging, and fashion. Some are designed to be coffee break entertainment and others are merely journals. Lots of bloggers do it for the love of writing and communicating with their fans. Of course, it’s easier than you think to monetize a blog that has high traffic.

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Does It Help Me Monetize My Blog?

What about all the bloggers that choose to monetize their site? There are certainly a large number of bloggers with an assortment of revenue streams stemming from their website. These include AdWords and other affiliate advertising, sponsored product reviews, and giveaways. Regardless of the point of your blog, it is essential to consider your SEO, and actively utilize tried and tested techniques with every post.

Is It All About Keywords?

Long tail keywords may not be searched as often as one or two-word phrases, but they can generate more quality traffic. Ultimately, you want traffic to engage with your website, and delight those advertisers with a great bounce rate. High-quality traffic means visitors that do exactly this. They type in a search phrase, arrive at your content, and it satisfies their query. From this single post, you might enlist the help of a top SEO agency to better structure your site. They can help you to lead the reader to the next post rather than exiting. That’s how you can improve engagement, increase contact time, and gain outstanding bounce rate figures.

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How Do I Optimize Content For Search Engines?

Yes, your keywords are important. You need to be quite clear about the question you’re answering with your content. It might feel like a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario. Should you deliver content that answers common questions? Or should you figure out your keywords after you’ve written the post? Even if your blog is a journal style website, you must consider who is reading it and why. This is market research. Writing to satisfy your audience means greater engagement and continuous traffic. Do you know your audience well? You might be able to quite accurately develop the keywords those people are most likely to enter into a search engine query.

You may not think you’re selling anything if you don’t monetize your blog, but you are. You’re selling entertainment, advice, information. If you want to monetize your blog you need those engaged audience members to keep coming back and sharing your content. And, ideally, you want others searching for those same answers to find your post at the top of their search results.


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