10 Amazing Screen Shots in Web Design


Internet users and web surfers are easily attracted by websites that are eye-catching and attractive. An amazing look given to the web pages persuades the web surfer to click at least once to look at the website, if it is uniquely designed. Great screen shots give a transformed look to your mundane web page and make the Internet buffs to visit your site time and again.

Here are 10 wonderful and mind blowing screen shots that can adorn your websites and give them a uniquely refreshing look:

fork design

1. Fork

This is a free and open source screen shot that is beautifully designed and has an intuitive interface with a multitude of features. Very easy to use with an assortment of lovely themes, this web screen shot comes with a number of useful applications.

2. Luccaco

With a resemblance to the iPad’s user interface, the Luccaco has a gorgeous glassy look to its web screen shot and stands out from the rest. It is simply endearing with its sleek finish and unique features.

3. Innove

This innovative web page has a magnetic theme that attracts viewers to its pages. It has lovely colors and compels you to revisit the web site with its user friendly features and colorful designs.

4. Shopify

This screen shot is exclusively designed to cater to the needs of online shoppers. It has a wonderful GUI and complimenting colors which go in its favor. nIt is a shopping web site that is pleasing to the eyes of the beholder and makes a picture perfect screen shot.

5. Tapp3 Media

The Tapp3 Media is a unique screen shot designed especially for media devices and their related features. It has an all new look with added utilities, better visibility and easy handling.

6. Styleapps

This is definitely a web screen shot design to reckon with, as it is an all-in-one design where you can get all information about videos, features and web sites. It lives up to its stylish name and surely worth a look.

7. River of news

This screen shot is an application for readers and news lovers exclusively made for the iPad. It is a robust app that is user friendly and extremely handy with a multitude of functional features.

8. Pulse

This is a website that keeps a tab on the pulse of your business. It makes it very easy for you to handle your monetary affairs online as it maintains perfect records with bar graphs at al. It is easily modifiable and is great for small online businesses.

9. Envero

This web design is a cracker of a screen shot as it provides all sorts of attractive and animated features that can help you to come up with interactive web designs that will boost the number of visitors on your pages. The designs are of the highest order and the interface can be appreciated at one glance. This is a very resourceful website that can be adapted to any of your web pages.

10. Nclud

If you are into regular posting of journals and weekly articles, then this web site is strongly recommended. With a simplistic approach, this screen shot has an intuitive interface that provides sketch books for easy handling even by novices. It is a colorful web design that is helpful in those regular dailies, who post journals on their web sites.

These are some of the amazing screen shots that you can consider for your web pages to boost up your virtual image through attractive web sites designed from the above mentioned screen shots.

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