3 Ways Yahoo Contribute Traffic to My Coupon Blog


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I have been working on my anhosting coupon blog for years now, and as a result I have always been doing my best to increase my blog’s traffic. If you’ve been blogging for any more than a day you will already know the importance of quality traffic to a blog and how it can make or mar the career of any blogger. I also believe the source of traffic to any blog is as important as the traffic itself, which is why it can be a smart decision to use Yahoo to generate traffic to your blog. In this article I will be sharing with you 3 ways Yahoo helps contribute traffic to my coupon blog.

Yahoo Bringing Traffic

It Helps Position Me as an Expert

If you really want to succeed online you need to know that getting traffic alone is not enough, but getting visitors who see you as an expert is even more important. One way bloggers can leverage Yahoo to help people see them as an expert is by contributing their answers to Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is currently the biggest question and answer portal online, and by contributing your answers to people’s questions in the section dedicated to your niche you will be able to build your expertise and get people to trust you.

It Helps Diversify My Traffic Source

Another way bloggers can capitalize on Yahoo for traffic is by optimizing their blog for the Yahoo search engine. A lot of bloggers are too dependent on Google for their traffic and I think this can be very dangerous if there is no other source of traffic for them. Optimizing your blog for Yahoo will help create another traffic source for you and as a result ensures you are not too dependent on Google for your traffic.

It Helps Monitor My Site’s Effectiveness

Yahoo also has a lot of tools in its small business category that can help you improve your site and make it more effective. Some of these tools help make it easy for you to track your competitors and know what they are doing, and some of these tools help monitor your site’s health.

   As a blogger you need to realize that knowing what other bloggers are doing can mean the difference in your blog’s success or failure, and without the right tools you can hardly do this. By leveraging Yahoo effectively, you can easily monitor your competitors and what they are doing, and as a result work on making your blog better.

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John uses Yahoo to bring traffic to his blog. You can find in his site a special coupon discount for Yahoo Small Business through which you can save on web hosting, domain registration, and eCommerce solutions for your blog or small business. Yahoo’s web hosting plans start from less than $4 a month.

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