5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Business Safe

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Security threats for businesses can come from a range of sources, from cyber attacks to internal theft and theft from premises. Making sure your employees and your business are safe at all times is something you should be proactive about as a business to protect your investment and keep everyone safe.


Most notably and arguably one of the most common physical security practises is the use of CCTV. You cannot have eyes on every part of your business at all times and expect to know what is going on and see it all. But this is where CCTV comes into play. By having access to a cctv system, you can have cameras installed in as many points as you need, and you can utilise a CCTV monitoring service to ensure that nothing untoward is going on and to provide additional security. The physical presence of CCTV cameras is enough of a deterrent to put many people off committing a crime, so they’re well worth the investment.

Cyber Security

Cyber threats against businesses and individuals are on the rise, and there is no end to stories of companies being hacked or compromised via their digital assets. You need to ensure that you have robust cyber security measures in place; at a minimum, you need to be regularly changing your passwords using strong hard to guess combinations, you need to be using a firewall and internet security software, updating software periodically and performing backups and training employees about the risks and best digital safety practises os they know how it works safely.

You can go one step further and outsource your security needs for enhanced protection, too, meaning that you can rest assured your company is safe at all times.

Locks and Limited Access

For physical premises, you need to use locks that conform to BS 3621 with registered keys and key holders who can access the property with authorisation. You need both to have restrictions on parts of your building or location that people cannot enter, e.g. separating staff areas from customer areas in retail using lockable doors and restricted access points. All doors need to be locked, and sensitive areas accessed by only permitted employees, e.g. places where you handle sensitive data or chemicals, to avoid security incidents that can harm people or your business.

You can use ID cards and biometrics or have physical key access for your business to limit movement around the building and restrict access where appropriate.

Security Detail

Having security guards to monitor the premises, employees, and visitors can be an excellent physical deterrent for some people. Knowing they are being watched and will be apprehended should they do anything untoward can be enough to stop certain types of activities and behaviour, but it can give you, your employees, and indeed customers peace of mind that they are safe.


By lighting up your building internally and externally, you can remove the cover of darkness that criminals like it operate under. Motion sensor lighting that automatically comes on when it detects motion is often used by businesses for illuminating external areas in conjunction with physical security to help boost protection and warn off untoward behaviour.

There are many ways you can protect your business and employees, and security measures are proven ways to keep your business safe.

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