5 Things That Could Be Letting Your Business Down


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When you run a business, you need to be careful to do everything you can to ensure that your business has every opportunity to succeed and create the right impression, Unfortunately, there are a lot of very basic things that could be letting your business down right now. So let’s take a look at a few of them below.

1. The Office Decor Debacle

Yes, we’re really talking about your office decor for starters because it is actually more important than you might think. If your idea of office decoration involves a solitary, half-dead plant gasping for sunlight and walls that scream ‘beige is the new beige’, then we need to have a serious talk, and you need to meet with some commercial painters.

You see, the way your office looks is really important, Not only can it affect productivity and staff wellness levels, but it can also put off clients if it is not up to snuff. That means you need to put some serious effort into how your office looks, from the paint on the exterior to the presence of art and light indicators.

2. The Meeting Marathon Mayhem

How many meetings does your business hold each month? If it’s more than one, chances are you are having too many. Why is this a problem? Quite simply because it wastes time and annoys your employees, and neither or these things conducive to an effective company or a successful long-term business strategy.

3. The Email Ecosystem Entropy

Emails. They multiply faster than rabbits in spring even when you are making an effort to bring their numbers down. If your inbox looks like a war zone where organization goes to take its last breath, it’s time for an intervention. This is a problem because it wastes so much unnecessary time. So, consider implementing a system of labels or folders, or adopt the mythical “Inbox Zero” approach. Remember, an email a day keeps productivity at bay.

4. The Technological Time Travel

Are you still using software that proudly boasts “Y2K Compliant” as its latest feature? It’s time to step into the current century. Technology moves at the speed of light, and using outdated software and tools can hold you back more than you realize. Don’t be afraid to invest in new technology. Your bottom line will thank you, and so will your team, who might currently be considering whether carrier pigeons are a viable alternative to your email system.

5. The Social Media Matter

Social media: a land of opportunity and a minefield of distractions. If your social media strategy involves posting whenever Mercury is in retrograde or relying solely on your nephew who “knows computers”, it’s time for a rethink. Social media is a powerful tool for engagement, but it requires strategy, consistency, and content that doesn’t bore your audience to tears. Remember, the aim is to captivate, not naptime.

Now that you know some of the most common things that could be letting your business down, you can hopefully avoid making the same errors, and give your company the best possible chance of flourishing.

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