5 Useful Online and Free Graphics Software

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Graphic software is generally paid and requires high-performance computers (in terms of RAM and CPU) to make the most of all the features offered. The experts are very often reluctant to entrust their creations to software other than those released by the most famous manufacturers, first of all, Illustrator: but if there were any valid alternativeS to try?

In today’s post, we offer five useful free online graphics software that can be used as an alternative to Illustrator for the realization of some of the projects achievable with it: Canva, Gravit, DesignCap, Boxy SVG, Method Draw. These applications, being web-based, have the particularity of being able to be used anywhere and on any device without installation, all you need is an internet connection.


Canva is a very useful graphic and photo editing software. The application allows you to create totally customized vector graphic files and, at the same time, provides a large library of preset layouts and ready-to-use graphic elements that facilitate the creative work even for the less experienced. Easy and intuitive is one of the online tools for creating the most used vector drawings. To use the app, you must register (for free) on the platform. The projects realized can be stored online in the dedicated section, shared with other users, and downloaded in various formats: JPG, PNG, standard PDF, and for printing.


Gravit is a web platform for the realization of vectorial graphic files that are enjoying great success. Besides being a valid tool for graphic design, Gravit offers the possibility to collaborate directly online with other users by sharing their projects. The interface has been designed to make the use of the application accessible to everyone, even to non-experts, and has a useful support section (tutorials and documentation) for users who want to discover all the features and potential of the software.


DesignCap is a collaborative graphic editor launched very recently that can be used via a browser. Like previous software, DesignCap was designed to be used on any browser and to guarantee a smooth and pleasant user experience thanks to a simplified interface. Through this application, it is possible to create vectorial drawings (presentations, infographics, logos, brochures, business cards, and web content, etc.) and share them in real-time with other users via the reference URL.

Boxy SVG

Equipped with features similar to those of Illustrator: transform, group, manage levels, shapes, fills, and paths, allows the creation of illustrations, banners, mockups, and elaborates of any type. The live version allows you to export projects in JPG and PNG while adding the application in the web browser allows you to save the SVG file.

Method Draw

Method Draw is a graphicS editor for creating and editing vector SVG files in a simple and totally free way. SVG images are frequently used for the creation of logos or graphic elements that must be scalable in any size and are generally created using very expensive graphic software. Method Draw provides users with some of the basic functionalities for creating this type of file at no cost, allowing anyone to create vectorial files of this type.

Try these five useful vector graphics software: it’s free, and you could find powerful allies for your work. What do you think about it? Share your opinion with us by commenting on this post!

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