5 ways to design your site convincingly


Web design is no more a silly game that you play with flashy graphics and catchy phrases.  It has got enough substances into it.  Website designers have got to redefine the way web designing scope was understood earlier.

 In fact it is not that difficult to find artists or content writer to build a working website. But the need does not stop there at graphics or content distribution stage only.

Web Design Tricks

The most important aspect of web designing is

 How people view your website and leave feedback i.e. how comfortable audiences are once they come in and navigate through your site.

Here are a few things without which the purpose of web-design won’t be complete.

Style of your website:

It conveys the message you want to put across through your website content. Using flash animation can draw maximum attention from your viewers provided you compromise with site loading time. It is appealing and looks professional too.  There is free software Adobe Live Motion to do it on behalf of you. Else ask expert suggestions.

Function of your site:

It depends on the type of site you are making.  For business website you need to speak in search engine optimisation language.  For this you have to get maximum exposure through free or paid advertisements on other websites. This will generate more traffic that means more business to you.  If it is your personal website keep things in personalised way only so that it portrays YOU attitude.

Search Engine Optimisation:

Designing without optimising a site in search engines is like a garnished dish without salt. A good website is not about putting images, logo, tables, links, and content in a web-space. Rather it is how search engines and viewers scan your website and get things in order.  Search robots prefer reading websites in simple HTML format whereas audiences like easy navigation and cool look.  You need to build a website that feels natural and easy-going for your viewers from every point. Of course the job is never easier if you are a novice in this field.

Browser’s compatibility:

It does not matter how great graphics or content you put in your website, without 100% compatibility in all major web-browsers your effort would go in vain. Your site must open in Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape and Firefox.

Maintenance of your website:

How often do you monitor your website health? Is it happening in regular interval?  Did you hire any dedicated web designer or webmaster for the job?

To conclude, the way multitude of new websites is being developed every day, you have enough reasons to think on those points. Take time for it. You need support from a good Web design Gloucestershirecompany that can assure you at least reasonable performance though not the best.

Be wise and think practical!  Web design tricks are not magical. You have to believe in the best and wait to see it happen.

  1. You said couple of very useful words in this this post. Web design isn’t just a game. There are numerous factors that website owner should watch for. You mentioned 5 important ones. As a matter a fact, without proper knowledge and advices like in your post many websites are predicted to fail. Web design is game which changes continuously and should be recognized as one of crucial facts for online success.

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