6 Design Changes That Will Turn Your Old Website Around

Design Changes That Will Turn Your Old Website Around

The thought of making lots of money from your website might sound nice, but if you don’t get the design right it’s possible you won’t make anything. Online revenue-making can also be tricky if started in a hurry and without optimized design plan A, B and C in place. For startups looking for local customers, getting a customized website design as per local taste and preference is critical. Finding a knowledgeable local marketing agency with data-driven design inputs can help here. Search for local digital marketing agencies in your area, for instance, if you want to grow your business in Jacksonville or nearby areas, search for the best marketing agency jacksonville and then look at reviews and recommendations from others who have used them.

We’re going to look at some tips that should turn your old site around overnight. Make sure you pay close attention to everything we speak about because each one is important in its own right.

Make money from mobile

It’s hard to believe 10% of goods are now being sold over the internet. That is a staggering number considering the internet hasn’t been around for a very long and the percentage is only going to increase in the future. You don’t need to be a genius to realize a lot of those sales are going to come from mobile devices in the future because everyone uses smartphones and tablets. If your website isn’t responsive there is no way you will make as much money in the years to come.

Think of the search engines

A lot of people are proud of the fact their business wouldn’t die if Google disappeared overnight, but I think they’re being silly and I hope you don’t ignore the search engines. They can send a huge amount of traffic to your site and you don’t even need to do much work. Making sure your on-page SEO is set up correctly is the minimum you need to do. We’re talking about design so make sure all your popular pages can be reached through the homepage because it will pass on more SEO juice.

Don’t live in the past

I can’t believe everyone used to have lots of flashy things on their websites in the past. We thought we were being smart, but we were just annoying our visitors. The biggest shocker is that some websites didn’t get the memo to take them down. Your website doesn’t need to look plain and boring, but you don’t want to go crazy with flashy boxes and pointing arrows all over the place. If someone comes across your website today they will just ignore it.

Get them to come back

Do you have any idea how many amazing websites are on the internet these days? Just because you have a really nice one it doesn’t mean people are going to remember you since they go through hundreds of different websites every day. You need to find a way to get your visitors to come back and the easiest way to do that is by getting them to sign up to something. That could be your email list or your Facebook page, so make sure you have opt-in forms and social buttons spread around your site.

Ask people to buy

Are you one of those people who are scared to sell anything? You might have things for sale on your site, but instead of asking someone to buy you just sit back and hope they do. It’s actually a good thing if you’re guilty of this because as soon as you start adding call-to-action buttons around your site you will see a massive increase in profits overnight. Just make sure you don’t push too hard because you could just as easily scare people away.

Use the right images

Stock images are attractive to online businesses because they are cheap, but tell me how you really feel when you stumble across a website that uses them. I bet you don’t take them seriously because they use the same photos as every other site on the internet. You have to use the right images on your site because they are so important. They have to reach out and touch your audience, but sadly cheap stock photos won’t do that so you will need to come up with another plan.

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for Antelope Web, a leading website design company in Connecticut. She is an avid blogger and sports enthusiast.

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