6 Ways To Run A More Successful Florist Business

Florist Business

Flowers bring happiness and cheer into everyone’s lives. We often buy flowers for our loved ones to celebrate certain occasions like birthdays. Some of us will even purchase flowers for wedding anniversaries or just to say “thank you” to someone!

 The most obvious place for us to buy flowers is from a florist. There are many florists around the world. But, the sad truth is that some of them just aren’t successful at what they do. It’s usually down to how they do things rather than poor quality or service.

 If you’re a florist, you might be wondering how to avoid falling into that same trap. The good news is the following six strategies will help you be more successful. Check out those ideas below:

 Florist Business

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1. Calculate the cost of everything you do

One of the pitfalls of running a business is feeling like you must give away things for free. Some small business owners feel they must do so to provide an incentive for people to buy from them. It’s crucial that you calculate how much everything costs. And this includes your labour as well. That way, you can ensure you won’t make a loss on the products you offer.

 2. Don’t buy all your flowers from the same wholesaler

 You might think that being loyal to one supplier means you can enjoy good prices. But, it might shock you to learn that wholesalers won’t be doing you any favours! Several wholesalers can supply your floral needs. Be sure to use the ones that offer the best value for money.

3. Offer local and regional delivery services

One of the things that many florists miss out on is the chance to sell value-added services. An example of that is local and regional delivery! Many people lead busy lives and so don’t have the time to collect flowers themselves. You could charge a small delivery fee and make the lives of your customers easier.

4. Offer a “flowers by post” service

 Many of the big names like Interflora offer mail-order delivery. It’s likely that some of your customers want flowers delivered to the other side of the factory. Using protective cardboard postal tubes and boxes, you can ship them on a next-day basis.

5. Make it easier for your customers to pay

 You might think that cash is king in the world of flowers. But, most people would prefer to pay by debit or credit card. Ensure your retail store offers such flexible payment facilities. And don’t put off buyers by charging them a surcharge! It should be a cost you absorb, and one that you take into account when calculating your prices.

6. Sell a range of value-added products

Sometimes people want to give their loved ones small token gifts with their flowers. Examples include chocolates, sweets, teddy bears, balloons and even scented candles. Ensure you stock a selection of products that you can up-sell to your customers. Especially during busy periods like Valentine’s Day.

 Thanks for reading today’s article. Good luck!

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