A Cut Above: How To Make Your Business Stand Out

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Competition is essential in business but how do you go about standing out in a crowded marketplace? If you’re having trouble attracting attention, or you’re looking for innovative ways to impress customers, this guide should come in useful.

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Providing a superior customer experience

Customers today are not always looking to pop into a store and buy a product or visit a website and make a purchase in seconds. Many are eager to enjoy an experience. Whether you operate physical stores or hospitality venues, or you have a website, it’s essential to think about customer experience. People want to engage with brands, they want to see products and learn about them and they’re keen to experience things they haven’t come across before. This may include innovative features like outfit suggestions or the opportunity to use AR to see products in a home environment, for example, or it may be a photo booth, a DJ or quirky, cool fitting rooms in a shop. Think about what your ideal customer is looking for when they go shopping or search for products online, tailor the experience to cater to their needs and preferences and be original and inventive.

Offering customers options

Businesses today have the opportunity to connect with customers all over the world, tap into global markets and provide a host of buying and ordering options. Consumers respond positively to choice. Aim to ensure that you can offer customers options, regardless of where they are in the world. Work with the best suppliers and logistics companies if you run an international business so that your customers can benefit from the same level of service in every country. You can use services and seamless technology to pay suppliers across the world. Transfer money to Indonesia or offer shoppers in different parts of the world the opportunity to pay in their local currency at the touch of a button. You can also provide a selection of delivery choices to suit all budgets.

Prioritizing customer service

In an age when reviews count for everything, customer service has never been more important. More than 90% of people now read online reviews before making a purchase. Whether you sell clothing, you fix cars, windows, gutters or burst pipes, you own a hotel or you run a restaurant, clients will rate you not only on the quality of the product or the work you carry out but also on your customer service. If a diner loves the food at your restaurant, but the waiter is rude or it’s too busy and they have to wait a long time for their meals to arrive, you won’t get a 5-star review. Go all-out to impress your customers, put them first and make every single client feel like a VIP. Offer seamless, accessible support options, for example, helplines and live chat, provide customer service training for staff and reward loyalty. It’s also hugely beneficial to use reviews to give you ideas and to identify and address any weaknesses or problems.

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It can be difficult to make a business stand out, particularly in a saturated marketplace. If you’re keen to get people talking for all the right reasons, focus on providing a memorable, enjoyable experience for your customers, prioritize service and try to offer your clients options.

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