A Perfect Guide to Top PR and Communication Jobs in the UK


Do you believe you are good at client communication and relationship building?  Do you have the confidence and ability to represent a whole company in the business world? If you think you are proactive in strategy making, media planning and public engagements, corporate communication jobs are the perfect career options for you.

Did you ever think of working as a corporate communications manager or an account director in a large multi-national company?

Prospect Resourcing

If not, you must know that

  • An account director in corporate communications can earn a handsome salary of £60-80k in a year
  • Corporate communication specialists enjoy a life that is full of excitement, challenges, rewards and opportunities
  • A professional in this field gets to work in both media marketing and business technology. Both are growing-field of opportunities.
  • As a company representative you get the opportunity to work with shareholders, partners, vendors, journalists, reporters, and internal employees.
  • This job profile gives you an immense exposure to the business world. You can learn and apply a number of client management etiquettes.
  • You can become a public face of a company and explore the best of your media management abilities and interpersonal skills. Learning and growth curve is high in this profession.
  • You have name, fame, career growth and job satisfaction – everything that a dynamic and ambitious professional may aspire.

So, what are you worried about? If you have a prior experience in the field of advertising, media planning, media buying, public relations, and marketing you can excel in corporate communications.

How and where to find a corporate communication job?

Searching online is the best help if you don’t have a reference or personal contacts. If you have a friend, a business partner or an ex-colleague working in such companies you have an edge over others. However, this is a chance factor and most of the aspirants have to search on their own.

A recruitment company specialising in public relations, corporate communications, advertising and media related jobs can of great help. You can find corporate find corporate communications jobs London @ www.prospectresourcing.com.

What all you need to do is visit the job portal; fill out an online form with your basic information and conduct a quick job search. You can also become a registered member with the recruitment consultancy and avail more job search opportunities. It is crucial that you consult a global talent resource consultancy, specialised in PR and communication field.

How to identify if a recruitment company is good enough for you?

It is simple. Choose one that –

  1. That works on best recruitment model and conforms to industry standard
  2. Has a team of dedicated and action-oriented consultants
  3. Covers almost all segments of jobs in PR and communication industry
  4. Offers recruitment services starting from entry to broad level.
  5. Believes in maintaining long-term relationships with clients
  6. Has been building network of potential contacts over the years
  7. Deals with freelance and contract jobs along with full-time vacancies
  8. Runs recruitment programme and training throughout an year
  9. Gives you regular updates and useful insights on job openings
  10. Extends you CV related services and help to face an interview

Finally, it is the bespoke recruitment solution and continuous assistance that matters most.

Job responsibilities of a corporate communication professional:

Media relations:

Every corporation needs to hire qualified professionals to manage media relations and responsibilities. This includes developing press releases, answering to media persons and organising events for company announcements. A media relations manager often needs to address journalists, reporters and public; appear on-camera ; train company executives and prepare notes for press conferences.

Public relations:

A professional in this field has to attend corporate events, conferences, trade associations. They also need to develop reports on company position, do research work and create white papers.

Community relations:

A manager involved in corporate relations has to ensure that the company maintains a favourable relationship with business partners, stakeholders, vendors and state government agencies.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is another important area these professionals need to work on. A corporate relations manager has to guide and direct CSR programs in the right direction.

Internal communication:

A communications manager needs to ensure proper use of intranets, newsletter service, company reports and other communication vehicles.

Digital marketing and communications:

Every company recruits IT mangers who take care of internal and external online communications, e-commerce applications, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities, corporate website development and ad promotions. Being a Corp-Com manager you will need to address all these areas of expertise.

So, what are you waiting for?  If you think you are a suitable candidate for the best of the corporate communications jobs in the UK, go and grab it.  For job alerts, advices, training and all other recruitment related help there is Prospect Resourcing to help you.

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