Business Process Analysis before New Software Implementation


New software implementations can be risky, specifically if they are to be done for the first time. There are several factors that can lead to the success or failure including software’s non-adaptability to the business processes. In some cases it can also be a result of the market changes. A robust process analysis is useful in numerous ways. Process analysis helps in finding the weak points in a business process and brings out certain issues on table that can result into failure.

 Business Process Analysis

In case of new software implementation, it is tough to make things work as always expected. Even if the businesses can’t claim 100% probability of the success, process analysis can still help in increasing the awareness of some of the critical points and issues in the an organisation. This is the reason why most of the advisory companies suggest process analysis before starting the process of real software implementation.

Business process analysis is a well known, standard and much accepted practice that has the potential of reducing the risks of failure. An external company usually has the required potential of suggesting fresh ideas. However, if it is a case of reduced budget, things can be accomplished with the help of internal resources. A neutral point of view should be considered for representation of situation without any distortion and with much more effect.

Such processes should be carried forward with the help of people that are not directly involved in analysed process. Hence it is important to pay specific attention to the composition and structure of the team. If these steps are achieved perfectly, then it is easy to proceed with the process of choosing the right and the most suitable software.

New software implementation is a significant investment and without proper process analysis methods, returns can be lesser than expected. Also, if the new software follows same weak methods in the process then it may result into organisations forced to get back to the “old” software within a few months.

Following relevant steps will ensure that software implementation is easy and a much less risky affair. It is true that software implementation should not be considered an easy task always but with the right business process analysis technique, one can mitigate the risks of failure by also letting it result into consistent reduction of failure.

Denis Butcher is a Business Process Management analyst and a writer who shares his knowledge on Business Process Improvement, Business Process Analysis Training and more.  He feels that with every organisation, small or large scale, should implement BPM in full fledge. If you want to discuss more about process analysis steps, visit Prime PMG ( in Brisbane, Australia.

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