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Whatever you do in your field it has to be the best – we all know this route of success. For web designers and developers, there are a few added criteria.  Even if you are great at something, you must learn other disciplines around you. It will make you even better.

Here is why. Client projects often include critical design thinking and complex development requirements. The web design assignments could be even industry or domain specific. For example, required design competencies for building plastic surgery websites would be different from a real estate marketing or restaurant chain website. Design professionals offering niche services can ensure customized and best-in-class solutions, for example, WebCitz designers for plastic surgery sites or other design firms for relevant business categories.

For a web designer this can be quite challenging to address such customizations without compromising on the latest specifications and security components. Experts who have earned specialized design skills through working experience in companies like Denver web design firm Thrive Engine are well-equipped with such challenges. Handling critical design needs of a client makes a designer better in the job with time.

Skills and experiences in related fields is a valuable asset.  A good web designer should know the basics of web developer’s job and vice versa for web developers too.

Web Design and Development

Web designer’s checklists

Most of the designers are not enough skilled in writing new CSS codes for the sites they design. Although HTML is in their forte, it has lost its craze against CSS3.

Today CSS reigns in the market. Web designers must code the sites themselves and thus know their limitations. Most importantly, designers can get more out of their designs if they know the developing part of HTML and CSS.

CSS is an absolutely related skill that helps designers reduce turnaround time and prevent causing delays in projects.

In many instances, companies look for designers who can also act as a front-end web developer. So, you should be improving your knowledge on CSS very well. Designers with hand on experience in CSS is like better than anything.

Web Developer’s checklist

Web developers had to have some knowledge of web design and usability at its basic level. Sometimes, designers miss usability issues while passing the final job on to a developer. Developer who has some knowledge of usability may spot these issues before a site enters into final testing phase. It saves you time, money and improve user’s experience too.

Design and Development are two separate fields, but are complimentary to each other. Developer with designing qualities is an asset to a company. A talented developer can have quick look at projects at any stage of verification before a site goes live. This reduces unwanted design code errors and thus helps avoid delays in projects.

Thus, a perfect blend of design-development skill can turn out to be really great. It is good to specialize in one or two things more around your main course of job.

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