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Well, if you are going to kill your potential customers with your spam mails then nobody cannot help you not even God. On the other hand, if you are in motion of treating your customers delicately then I am here to assist you. It is indeed true that email-marketing program is necessary when it comes to online business model. But, wrongly conducted campaign can cause long lasting losses to the organization. Therefore, you should try to adopt a trusted email-marketing program. Some of the best tools to conduct successful and scalable programs are mentioned below. You can read about these applications and select most suitable one out of these five tools.

1. Email Marketing Pro – People Bank On It

It is an excellent email-marketing tool for managing your long-term email marketing campaigns. It has earned the trust and dependence of a vast majority of marketers. With this tool, you can use your official SMTP server to send mass mails to your prospects. However, it will require a high quality SMTP server to ensure the smooth conduction of campaign. In short, it gives all the features that you need to get a feat in your campaign.

Email Marketing Pro

 2. Email Marketing Director – Now Do It Yourself

 If you are personally managing your mass mailing campaign then it is a necessary tool that you should have. It will let you make necessary changes in your HTML mail like addition of anchor, post, and hyperlink. Moreover, it also automatically manages subscribing & unsubscribing requests and management of bounce retrieving & email sending statuses.

Email Marketing Director

3. Group Mail – Save Your Time

 If you have a certain group of email receivers then you can easily use this plugin because it lets you categorize your contacts and send custom mails to each group. With this tool, you will not have to select the visitors at each time. You just need to pick a group like ‘Developers’ from your list and shoot the mail right away. So, it is an interesting way of doing this.

Group Mail

 4. MailChamp – Enjoy the Legacy

 If you are active in email marketing campaigns then you must be aware of this tool. It is a one-stop solution for all kind of email marketers. For example, some marketers do not understand HTML and fail in managing their campaigns. While using this tool, they can easily manage their websites. It is an effective tool for creating great websites. You just need to understand the way of using this tool. You can add all the custom stuffs and delete them right from your dashboard. So, it is quite helpful too.


5. Constant Contact

 If you are looking for an application, which can help you in targeting business owners and managers who want services then you should just use this plugin. It is a unique tool because you can get the support from the developer through live chat, voice support, and email support. Therefore, you will not have to face any difficulty while using this tool.

Constant Contact

So, you can choose your email marketing applications as per the specific requirements of your website. As all the applications, mentioned above are distinct from each other. Therefore, you can make your selection in an easy manner.

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