How To Easily Run A Garage Business Like A Pro


Millions and millions of people drive cars, which means that you have millions of customers at your disposal. However, you won’t be able to entice them all, and you certainly won’t do so if your business isn’t up to scratch.

As a garage, you provide a service that’s highly skilled and sought after, and as such, customers will only accept the very best. So, this means that you have to be the very best – and quickly!


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Tip 1 – Location is everything

People will be driving to visit you, right? So you need to make it easy to drive there! If your garage is too isolated or off the beaten path, it’s unlikely to draw custom.

Place your auto shop within easy reach of main roads and highways. For starters, these are the places where people are more likely to break down – traveling at higher speeds.

Secondly, main roads are busier than side roads, so there are more potential customers for you to poach.


Tip 2 –  Give each car individual treatment

Unless you only work on one vehicle at a time, you’ll have multiple rides you’ll need to service. So, much like individual changing cubicles for humans, be sure to give each vehicle some breathing room.

Investing in AmCraft auto shop curtains, for example, allows you to separate each car into its own little space. This does several things. One, it protects neighboring cars from paint spray, sparks and fluids that may come from the work being done on a vehicle.

And secondly, it makes it easier to give that one car your full attention. There will be nothing diverting your gaze, or distracting you. You’ll be locked away in your cubicle, devoting all your energy into doing the best job possible.


Tip 3 – Decide on a USP

A USP (unique selling point) will either be your Achilles heel or your saving grace. But what does that mean? Well, it means that your USP will help you stand out, but if you fail to uphold it, you’ll gain a bad reputation.

So, choose a USP that’s doable, and enticing. Perhaps the ‘lowest prices in town’ or the ‘quickest turnaround in town’. Just don’t make claims you can’t uphold. You could even be breaking the law. Your USP will also help you market your company, especially if it’s new. Use it wisely!


Tip 4 – Work with car dealerships

Some car dealerships have their own garage services attached, and you’ll want to steer clear of these. You’ll want to target those dealers who offer no such service, meaning you could potentially act as their outsourced mechanic.

Imagine that a Ford dealer is looking for someone who can adequately repair their vehicles. If you know you can, then contact them! Offer them your services, and name your price. They may end up referring their customers to you, or paying you for work directly.


Tip 5 – Go mobile

And that doesn’t mean you should start fixing iPhones, either. Rather, you should offer a ‘home delivery service’ where you will physically travel to the customer’s home to conduct repairs.

Additionally, you could offer roadside services, which means people won’t have to come to you. This increases customer loyalty and trust, and could even be that USP we mentioned earlier.


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