How to Engage Customers with Daily Deal Websites?

engage customer

Today online business is on a faster pace. Business owners are concentrating more on online and media promotions. Whereas they prefer online as a good source, because it requires less investment compared to Media.

New or existing? Customers are the boss of every business. Dealing with daily deal offers, people often compare the deals with many other deal sites with yours. So it’s crucial to retain them. There is a way to deal customers of daily deals websites to engage with and there are possibilities. Let’s have a deeper view on this.

engage customer

Recent Survey

I hope, everybody might come across this survey published by Constant Contact Small Biz Council -a research Crew of United States. They had made a clear survey, highlighting how important it is to engage new customers with businesses. They pointed out that it’s more important to engage customers with businesses.

Engaging Newer Customers Vs Excisting Customers (Survey Report)

When it was processed for new customers, total of 100% responded to the survey; daily deals
is led with 53%, closely followed by online advertisements with 51%, while others like online coupons, social media ads were less popular, but played a part.

On the other hand with existing customers, report depicts the result as 60% of business owners are happy with online tools. About 80% of survey respondents indicated that referrals represented their main source of new business.

Simple Strategy to Engage Them

  • Daily deals are the obvious choice. Running a daily deal site can help to keep your customers engaged, and persuade them coming back to see what the next deal is going to be.
  • Daily deals website owners should act as a balance when it comes to new and existing customer engagement. Existing and regular customers are your major support, concentrate on both; the discounts offered to new customers may annoy a few existing customers which in turn forces them to move away to another site which offers better deals.
  • Know your business before you begin and the deal you’re about to offer. Daily deals are a popular marketing strategy that can also be expensive. Try your best to extend the deals to existing customers too. If they are interested about the deal you offer and they pay for it; they will share with their circle members, wherein you get a new business or new customers to engage with your site.
  • Offer with higher promises, saying that they would be added incentives for the new member sign-ups or a coupon offfer, this will make you earn what you invest and also a new customer.
  • Encourage your existing customers by offering them a special deal as well, and not much with discounts; they will appreciate the gesture (like thumbs up).
  • Be loyal and true to your customers, point out to them why you offer them a deal and what made you not. Sure they will appreciate and understand as they are remembered and mentioned by you.
  • Running daily deals will give you an insight into customers interest, so that you can queue up your database with constant contact and you can segment the customers who will choose which specific deal to opt for.

Make sure and know what your customers chose to subscribe for daily, weekly or monthly deals, so that you can engage your contacts list and send them information about what deal they prefer.

Daily deals websites with a deal is an important component of customer engagement for small businesses. It’s absolutely possible to run daily deals without jeopardizing your relationship with existing customers and convert new ones with ease.

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